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Thread: Video: Sony Releases Commercial Showcasing PS3 in 3D

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    mrgreaper Guest
    no way is that a real commercial..

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    MMBtalk Guest
    Just imagine Gran Tourismo in 3D!!! And you will be able to appreciate where this technology will have relevance.

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    mali843 Guest

    Sounds Good

    I'm a fan of 3-D so i'm pretty pleased to hear this but i wish they were as dedicated to ps2 discs playing on ps3 as this. (still feeling lied to)

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    arlyn Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by agustbestur View Post
    I think that this 3d technology will not be interesting to adults this will be more for people that are high or drunk
    I hate to break it to you, but the majority of people who get high and drunk are above the age of 17.

    It is interesting for adults. That's why there have been so many 3-D movies in the theatre lately. People are paying to see it. Anything people will pay for, someone will find a way to sell. If someone will take their kids to Disney EARTH 3-D, Why would they and their kids not enjoy it at home?

    Realistically, anyone who have seen the PS3 Wand Motion Controller demos, also out in 2010, really, 3-D plus the realtime 1:1 motion sensing has really endless possibilites for adding depth to games and really putting you in the experience.

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    d3ity Guest
    Love those 3D movies. Looking forward to the 3D games as well. Next up, 3D pron.

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    mrgreaper Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by d3ity View Post
    Love those 3D movies. Looking forward to the 3D games as well. Next up, 3D pron.
    damn now i GOT to get me a 3d projector!!!

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    Balkanboy Guest
    3D is great final destination 4 i believe is in 3D... not all 3D is for children.... they will get to a point where u cant make games any more realistic...then you move to 3D and maybe 4D one day

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    KRaZE Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by imec View Post
    I'm sorry, it's terrible. I'm going to finally admit it. There is absolutely no market for this technology (even if the current generation of televisions supported it). Very few people want to watch movies in 3D (perhaps a few children who want to see the latest Spy Kids or Shrek movie) or have to wear special glasses just to sit down and game (I have even heard people say that it's uncomfortable to watch, even in short durations). Wasted time and wasted money Sony; cut your losses, do not waste any more development on useless tech.
    Aye, I completely disagree as well. I am one of the few young adults who purchased Coraline on blu-ray just for the 3D experience at home. I don't believe 3D should be a standard but definately an open option! Imagine playing Skate 2 or Soul Caliber 4 or even Prototype (whoa)! I think it's amazing technology I only wish it was compatible with existing TV's.

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