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Thread: Video: Sony PS3 Move Demo Showcasing SOCOM 4 for PS3

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    Video: Sony PS3 Move Demo Showcasing SOCOM 4 for PS3

    Below is a video from Sony's recent event in Seattle showcasing the PS3 Move system with SOCOM 4 for PlayStation 3.

    Zipper Interactive's upcoming title SOCOM 4 is just one video game boasting the new PS3 Move motion-control system that is currently estimated to cost around $100.

    To quote: "Zipper and "SOCOM" helped Sony leap ahead in the past.

    When the PlayStation 2 introduced a network adapter enabling online play in 2002, the first "SOCOM" game was released to showcase this capability. The "SOCOM" franchise went on to be one of the PS2's biggest hits, selling more than 10 million copies, and Sony bought Zipper in 2006.

    "SOCOM 4" is still early in development, with no price or release date set yet, but Sony has been showing it to fans and reporters in events across the country, including one in Seattle earlier this month."


    [imglink=|Video: Sony PS3 Move Demo Showcasing SOCOM 4 for PS3][/imglink]
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    PaNNaP Guest
    This is my main hope for the move. First Person Shooters.
    That, and light saber battles <3<3<3.

    I didn't realize what the different colors were for. I had originally thought they were to distinguish different players. so maybe both?

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    SwordOfWar Guest
    I hope using the Move controller is optional. It looks like fun for sure, but I want to use a traditional control for competitive online play.

    Either that, or limit the game to motion control only, so everyone is forced to play with the same hardware to make it fair.

    If not, your going to see a lot of online users getting frowned upon for trying to play an online TPS (Third Person Shooter) with a motion controller and getting their butt's kicked by everyone else.

    I can see it now.. "haha, look at that idiot, hes moving so weird and slow. He must be using the motion controller!" Please, I like motion control, but at least find a way to allow motion control users to play with only other users who have one, so it will be a fair battle.

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    thinnpikkins Guest
    The move is optional, i believe it wont make it far anyway in shooters, especially socom games. You do have a controller by default for socom 4 though.

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    LIL935 Guest
    I do not doubt that is a good socom game but the playstationmove adds nothing to game the contrary it gives him a fault too will copy on nintendo.

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    syphonlord Guest
    I can't get on with these things at all.. played acouple of first person shooters on the wii cod 4 but to name one and that was awful, but who knows this might be different.

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