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Thread: Video: Sony PlayStation 3: It Only Does Blu-ray Movies

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    Video: Sony PlayStation 3: It Only Does Blu-ray Movies

    Sony's Senior Vice President of Marketing & PlayStation Network Peter Dille has unveiled a new video from PS3's ad campaign today entitled 'It Only Does Blu-ray Movies.'

    To quote: Next week's Thanksgiving holiday marks the kick-off to the traditional retail holiday selling season. It's a key part of our year as many people who may not be hardcore gamers begin their research for the hottest gift items. Naturally, we expect the PS3 to be on a lot of those lists this year.

    This holiday's PS3 campaign marks one of our most aggressive approaches in terms of our advertising reach and frequency, so we hope you've seen the new commercials while watching your favorite TV programs.

    I've been receiving a lot of emails from friends and family and hearing from a lot of you who are catching the commercials regularly and laughing even after the third or fourth helping.

    We couldn't be more pleased by the overwhelming response, not just to the ads, but also evidenced by the sheer momentum behind our recent sales numbers. I'd like to personally welcome all of the new PS3 owners to what will be one of our best years ahead.

    Beyond the amazing line up of Blu-ray games hitting this holiday, we're also expecting some blockbuster Blu-ray movie releases, including Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Star Trek. We've also announced some really groundbreaking initiatives that make Blu-ray synonymous with movie watching.

    In December, consumers will have access to the first-ever hybrid disc that will feature Sony Picture's District 9 movie and a demo of God of War 3. This is a true testament to the endless opportunities ahead for Blu-ray and entertainment. And if you're already an existing Netflix consumer, now you can access both your Blu-ray disc movies and stream 17,000 movies and TV shows from one machine - the PS3.

    Readers of this blog are of course, already aware that the PS3 comes built in with one of the industry's best Blu-ray players. But we wanted a spot that would hammer home the Blu-ray movie advantage and speak to this broader audience that may not be as familiar with the PS3's feature set.

    So we asked Kevin Butler to bestow some wisdom in this exchange with an unhappy teenager who is complaining his grandmother is hogging the PS3 to watch Blu-ray movies. You can catch this commercial on air starting next week. For you, our loyal fans, here's the exclusive sneak peek:

    [viddler id=f6ead74b&w=327&h=545]

    We'd love to hear what your favorite spots are so far. We certainly are having a hard time just picking one. We still have a couple more special updates on the way, so make sure to check in next weekend. More to come.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone,


    [imglink=|Video: Sony PlayStation 3: It Only Does Blu-ray Movies][/imglink]
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    Kraken Guest

    Big Grin

    Yup, it only does blu-ray movies.

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    Nairb Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Kraken View Post
    Yup, it only does blu-ray movies.
    It only does everything my friend.

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    victorinox Guest
    personally i think the one with the dad building the play area was my favorite so far =X

    though i loved a lot of them *and disliked the girlfriend one...* but these are among my favorite ad's atm with visit los vega's =3

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    aries2k6 Guest
    Lol, this guy cracks me up. I think Sony is doing a great job on their advertising. Itīs about time too.
    Itīs to bad we donīt get these in Europe.

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    mihaiolimpiu Guest

    Cool Cool

    My god this is like the best one so far.. Actually the whole series cracks me up... Sony should bundle these on Blu-ray and sell them separately!

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    walidahmadi Guest

    Thumbs Up

    lolz, this is the best ad I have seen so far. It certainly does everything.

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    Fignutz32 Guest
    lol i like the montage one where he's dressed like the glam rocker at the end

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    TrungTran10 Guest


    I am new to Blu-Ray movies and PS3. Can all Blu-Ray movies be played on a PS3? The reason I ask as some Blu-Ray movies say PS3 supported while other don't say PS3 supported

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    That could just be for marketing purposes on some... they all should work fine though.

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