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    Video: Sony Offers Music Unlimited 60-Day Premium Trial for Free

    Sony Network Entertainment Marketing Coordinator Ashley Harris has announced today that they are now offering a 60-day Premium Trial of Music Unlimited free for a limited time.

    To quote: This Holiday season, Sony Entertainment Network is offering the gift of a special 60 day free trial of the Music Unlimited Premium service for a limited time, just for PlayStation 3 users!

    The Music Unlimited Premium plan includes offers unlimited access to a catalog of millions songs featuring classic favorites and the latest hits. You can find personalized channels categorized by Genre, Era, Mood or your favorite artist. No ads and unlimited skips.

    You can even set up a cloud library of your favorite songs, playlists and channels accessible from a range of home, mobile and gaming devices including PSP, Android phone, Sony Tablet, network enabled Blu-Ray Disc player and Bravia TV, and any PC.

    Here's how to download your free 60 day premium trial now:

    • Go to the PlayStation Store and click on Media and Apps
    • Click on the Apps Icon
    • Download the Music Unlimited 60 Day FREE trial app.
    • Go to the Music Icon on the XMB. Enjoy the Music Unlimited
    • Premium Plan for free for 60 days!

    Take a look at the Music Unlimited service and what it has to offer by watching this video:

    You must be age 18 or over. Credit cards details required. Unless you cancel your subscription prior to the end of the free trial, it will automatically renew and you will be charged a recurring subscription fee.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    "Credit cards details required" - yeah - sure - pissoff!

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    FenderTwinRever Guest
    Must not work in Canada

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