Sony Entertainment Network Marketing Manager Jeff Safran is here with this weekend's new Music and Video Unlimited releases today, as follows:

This week, the Music Unlimited Service welcomes new releases from Carrie Underwood, B.o.B, and Norah Jones.

Other featured titles this week include Rufus Wainwright, Marilyn Manson, Pennywise, Kanye West, and Usher.

This week - two weeks before it's DVD release, Liam Neeson's suspenseful survival adventure The Grey hits the Video Unlimited Service's New Releases.

Also, trek on over to Rent Now and find New Year's Eve, and it's all about Comedy movies in Own $5 Films this week. For only 5 bucks, own great flicks in SD Advetureland, White Chicks, Talladega Nights, and many more.

Get the full details on this week's highlights here.

It's hard to believe it's already May, but the start of this month comes with Cinco De Mayo, a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride (especially this year, since it falls on a Saturday!)

Check out our Latin Top 100 Premium channel, which is top-loaded with these Top 10 essential song from Mexican artists (and more!) to get your Cinco De Mayo started. Arriba!

1. Vicente Fernandez y Vicente Fernadez Hijo - "Vamons a Cuidarla Mas"
2. Lila Downs - "Solamenta Un Dia"
3. Jose Barraza - "Corridos De Miedo"
4. Banda San Jose De Mesillas - "Nada Iguales"
5. Los Cuates de Sinola - "Equis 4 Equis 5"
6. Ram Herrera - "Ahora Dile"
7. Los Reyes De Arranque - "Arremangala Arrempujala"
8. Miguel Aceves Mejia - "La Malaguena"
9. Los Alegres De Teran - "Sonora Querida"
10. Yolanda Del Rio - "Un Campesino Lloro"

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