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    One things for sure, with the idea of having a touchscreen, possible Move and other technology it will be interesting to see what the final retail design truly looks like.

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    PS4 or Orbis?? could be the next big thing, we'll just have to wait and see

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    They should make it little bigger than Dualshock3.. it will become even more handy and easy to use.

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    Here is a picture of the new controller in action

    Video: Sony Invites PlayStation Fans to See the Future February 20th-9t7bibi-gif

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    looks cool

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    That's pretty funny jarvis, lol. In all seriousness though, the controller looks too bulky. Hopefully we can still use our PS3 controllers on the PS4. Same way you could use your PS1 controller on the PS2. But I doubt $ony will allow that.

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    God please don't let those thumbsticks be final design. Everything else doesn't seem too bad.

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    those thumbsticks ARE terrible. lol yayy for prototype label

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    Is the final version going to be wireless?

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    Sony / Gaikai Registers PlayStation Cloud Domains for PS4 Launch

    Just days after the PS4 / Orbis controller prototype surfacing, today Superannuation has revealed that Sony / Gaikai has registered PlayStation Cloud domains in preparation for tomorrow's PlayStation 4 launch.

    To quote: "Superannuation has dug up domains for '', '' and '', all registered on February 15 by Gaikai - the cloud gaming service which Sony acquired in July last year.

    This comes just as the industry braces for what it expects to be the unveiling of Sony's next-generation PlayStation 4, or codename 'Orbis', at tomorrow's NYC event.

    A report last week claimed that the PlayStation 4 will be capable of playing PS3 games via cloud streaming service Gaikai.

    If true, this would provide a feasible solution to the issue of backwards compatibility on the new console - a feature that would be otherwise difficult to achieve due the likelihood of a vastly differing internal architecture to PS3."

    Sony / Gaikai Registers PlayStation Cloud Domains for PS4 Launch

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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