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Thread: Video: Sony Introduces The Tester Season 2 First Cast Member

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    Video: Sony Introduces The Tester Season 2 First Cast Member

    PlayStation Network Executive Producer Kevin Furuichi has introduced the first cast member for The Tester, Season 2 today alongside a new video trailer on the PSN competitive reality series.

    To quote: After four intense rounds of voting among more than 28,000 registered participants, we'd like to congratulate the winner of our first-ever online casting contest for The Tester: Mickey Paradis (aka 8bitmickey) from Denton, Texas.

    After receiving a majority of the 350,000+ community votes, he will join the rest of the cast this Fall for the launch of the newest season of The Tester.

    If you've been following our ten-week long Summer casting contest, you're probably familiar with 8bitmickey's hilarious and well-admired video submissions. Well, he's got one more for all of his loyal supporters to say "thanks."

    [viddler id=dd03b007&w=545&h=429]

    Check back with us on the PlayStation.Blog, follow us on Facebook and, as always on for more updates on the show. And, look for the complete cast announcement coming next month.

    Thank you to the over 28,000 participants who made this possible, and congrats again to Mickey Paradis for his Epic Win.

    [imglink=|Video: Sony Introduces The Tester Season 2 First Cast Member][/imglink]
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    oohh my, thats an ugly chick. but i'm happy to see such of cool guy at the tester.

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