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    it would be good if anyone can put diss XBMC on cfw 430 or is it out for the ps3 i don know

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    VSPROD Guest
    thanks for the news I am from canada.. but canada/us use the same netflix.. people from US let me know if you have a problem .. I can do a US version easily in one minute

    by the way, my original download is there: http://www14.zippyshare.com/v/38414315/file.html

    Fast and simple For the multiman (open and close) thing.. I will try to fix that if i have some free time.. or if somebody have the solution and time to fix that and then recompile the pkg after.. thanks

    Quote Originally Posted by CREEPSHOW View Post
    it would be good if anyone can put diss XBMC on cfw 430 or is it out for the ps3 i don know
    this is a old one.. dont know if its still available.. dont remember the name.. I will check.. I changed the background image after, of course

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    VSPROD Guest
    Next Target is Life with Playstation/Folding at Home for 3.55 and 4.21/4.30 obviously I did the useless update of folding at home and now it tell that it is over.. I think Folding at Home app can read/write directly on the hard disk and can do other stuff that game or app can't do.. Devs and other people should investigate so maybe they could learn to do something with that.. not in my league

    Anyways So If somebody have the last working version of life/Folding at home can you send it to me plz thanks.. I would have to do some modification so it can work again if somebody can copy the folder of life/Foldingat home with the file manager of multiman.

    I didn't check what was the ID of this app but you can easily find it just browse the folders and click on the first image that you will see and you will know what kind of app is in the folder because of the image icon.. I think the ID is NPIA00002 thanks

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    crobar123 Guest
    will this work for uk?

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