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Thread: Video: Sony Announces Killzone 3 PS3 Triple-XP Weekend!

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    Video: Sony Announces Killzone 3 PS3 Triple-XP Weekend!

    Killzone Community Editor Victor Zuylen has announced news of a Killzone 3 PS3 Triple-XP weekend starting today!

    To quote: Earlier this week we released the third DLC pack for Killzone 3, "From The Ashes," as well as a DLC bundle containing all three DLC packs. Of course there's only one way to celebrate this momentous occasion - organize a Triple XP Weekend!

    You read that right - from Friday, June 24 at 9:00AM Pacific Time, until Monday, June 27 at 9:00AM, all XP earned in Killzone 3's multiplayer matches will be tripled.

    So whether you're exploring new DLC maps or just re-acquainting yourself with the stock maps, you'll rank up faster than ever!

    [viddler id=7867c695&w=640&h=380]
    [imglink=|Video: Sony Announces Killzone 3 PS3 Triple-XP Weekend!][/imglink]
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    Where? My XP is the same, what a load of BLX, they must be real desperate to get ppl back to KZ3...

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