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Thread: Video: SOCOM 4 PS3 Ships Out April 19th, New Multiplayer Video

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    Video: SOCOM 4 PS3 Ships Out April 19th, New Multiplayer Video

    Zipper Interactive Sr. Community Manager Jeremy Dunham has announced that SOCOM 4 for PS3 ships out on April 19th alongside posting a new multiplayer video today.

    To quote: Everyone here at Zipper Interactive is pleased to announce that the wait will soon be over! As our headline says, SOCOM 4 is scheduled to hit stores in North America in just a few months on April 19th.

    Earlier this week at the Zipper headquarters in Redmond, WA, we invited the media and 18 SOCOM community members to check out the latest version of our game.

    Not only did they get an update on the progress of our single-player campaign, they were also treated to an extensive look at several of our multiplayer modes, which, as any SOCOM fan will tell you, is absolutely the game's bread and butter.

    [viddler id=8b4b6a57&w=545&h=327]

    Early next week, we'll have another update on the PlayStation and SOCOM blogs to let you know what members of the community thought about their visit to Redmond and their hands-on time with SOCOM 4. In the meantime, we'd love for you to check out our "Not For Self" multiplayer trailer by clicking on the video above.

    Also, for you veteran SOCOM fans out there, head on over to and bring back classic SOCOM memories with another new trailer, this one for the GameStop pre-order exclusive "Abandoned" Map!

    The good news is that this is just the beginning of an upcoming flood of SOCOM goodness. As we count down the days and weeks to April 19, you can expect plenty of news, details and media to get you hyped up for what we think is the best SOCOM game yet. Enjoy the ride!

    [imglink=|Video: SOCOM 4 PS3 Ships Out April 19th, New Multiplayer Video][/imglink]
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    AndrewAJ123 Guest
    Well it's settled then, not upgrading my CFW till april 19th.

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    revo75 Guest
    Sweet, can't wait. Black Ops is extremely overrated!

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    rizzle7 Guest
    we'll see how the multiplayer really is. i love socom, but i dont know if they can ever recover from what they have produced in the recent years.

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    SwordOfWar Guest
    That is certainly an impressive looking Abandoned Map! I can't believe they would limit a whole map to a pre-order user though.

    I'm a long time fan of SOCOM since the very first one, but to be honest I'm really excited about the online co-op campaign mode more than online vs mode at the moment. It should be very interesting to be able to play through the offline mode with a friend on my PS3, as there are very few games that deliver on that feature.

    This is a obviously a pre-order for me. I'm extremely happy to see that Zipper is developing this game (all PS2 titles were made by Zipper, and Confrontation on the PS3 was not). I have high expectations from the Zipper team so I have no doubt they will deliver a better experience than what we got with Confrontation.

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    nodice Guest
    I'm not a online gamer and never bought Confrontation so I'm glad to hear this one will have a single-player campaign!!

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