Playbrains Studio Director Scott Simpson has unveiled the first Sideway: New York PSN video trailer today alongside some hands-on details from Comic-Con 2011.

To quote: Sideway is our upcoming action platformer based on the in-development cartoon series from the wonderfully twisted minds at Fuel Entertainment.

Oh, did the screenshots convey that we have hours of mindbending levels full of danger and challenge that will make the paint run from your veins?

Or that we support drop-in, drop-out couch co-op so you can play with your friends or that the bosses in the game are unlike any you've come across in your gaming life before?

Did the shots at least convey the basic conceit of the game: that you painted over the wrong dude's tag, and that you, in fact, are now a moving 2D painting in a 3D world?

[viddler id=266c7f6b&w=640&h=380]

Regardless, if you're interested in seeing what all of the above is really like, we're just putting the finishing touches on a demo for Comic-Con this week in San Diego. Oh yes, my friends, that's right--when you come by Sony Online Entertainment at the Con (Booth #4436), not only can you check out the awesomeness that is Sideway, but you can also win some cool Skullcandy headphones and earbuds when you come by and play the game.

Perhaps most importantly, as a bonus, you'll get to hear me kvetch about the heat and how much more crowded and sweaty Comic-Con gets every year and that Patton Oswalt really should be the next Robin.

"But whoa there, champ... What about me? I'm not going to be in San Diego this week. How do I get to experience this magic of which you speak?"

I am glad you asked, friend. Because if you read the headline at the very top of this blog post, you will learn that immediately following it is the Earth's very first look at the teaser trailer for "Sideway". See? Reading can be fundamental and rewarding.

Hope that wets yer whistles, folks! You can come by and play it with us this week at the Con!

[imglink=|Video: Sideway: New York PSN Trailer, Hands-on at Comic-Con][/imglink]
[imglink=|Video: Sideway: New York PSN Trailer, Hands-on at Comic-Con][/imglink]
[imglink=|Video: Sideway: New York PSN Trailer, Hands-on at Comic-Con][/imglink]
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