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    Video: See Resistance 3 PS3 Multiplayer Game in Action via GDC

    Sony's Social Media Manager Jeff Rubenstein has posted up a video today giving fans a glimpse of a Resistance 3 PS3 Multiplayer game in action via GDC.

    To quote: At GDC, Insomniac debuted their new, more intimate multiplayer plan for Resistance 3.

    After spending a hands-on session beating up on some of the assembled media (yeah, I said it!), I chatted with Insomniac's Marcus Smith.

    In this feature, the Resistance 3 Creative Director explains the team's decisions on player count, map locations, and class customization.

    Stay tuned for more Resistance 3 news here.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    That looks like a mad as game.. can't wait. i was dissapointed with res 2 multiplayer but this looks kool... killstreaks and i can't wait.. wish it was released now... i will purchase this asap.

    8 on 8 is a bit small though.. should be 32 on 32 min these days.

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