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Thread: Video: Resistance 3 Trainyard PS3 Multiplayer Footage Arrives

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    Video: Resistance 3 Trainyard PS3 Multiplayer Footage Arrives

    Insomniac Games Senior Community Manager James Stevenson has shared some fresh Resistance 3 Trainyard PS3 Multiplayer video footage today.

    To quote: We wanted to be the first to bring you this EU Blog exclusive footage of our Bogota, Colombia multiplayer map from Resistance 3! Set in a sunbaked trainyard, this map has an awesome mixture of long-, mid- and close-combat options.

    For that reason, it really fits our main objective with Resistance 3 multiplayer - to give the player a ton of choice in how they approach the game, while also giving them weapons and abilities that make their style of play even more powerful.

    Features in this video you should check out include the different HUD for Chimeran players, and our new Resistance 3 rocket-launcher, the Firestorm. One of the best parts about Resistance 3 is customizing your loadout with the various Support and Tactical abilities.

    In the video, you'll see players dropping Healing Beacons and Bubble Shields for their teammates, as well as using Thermal Vision and Dash to get a jump on enemies. Various attributes allow you to carry larger clips, track enemies by their footprints, and even have leapers burst from your corpse. You'll be able to unlock the various weapons, abilities and attributes, and upgrade them all, as you continue to progress through MP.

    You may also notice the various Beserks that you can utilize. These reward you for playing well. Humans can gain a Riot Shield, while Chimera and cloak. Both sides can gain access to the powerful Auger, with its ability to see and fire through walls, as well as deploy mobile shields.

    All of this and more will be available in the Closed Beta - access details to follow. Furthermore, keep your eyes peeled next week, as we head to E3 to reveal a new multiplayer map that takes place in Europe!

    [imglink=|Video: Resistance 3 Trainyard PS3 Multiplayer Footage Arrives][/imglink]
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    Kind of looks like they are taking the MW2 approach to online gaming, make everything overpowered. Not sure I like that, but the gameplay looks very smooth and sounds great as well.

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