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    Video: Resistance 3 Survivor Edition PS3 Trailer is Unveiled

    Sony European Product Manager Elliott Linger has unveiled a new video trailer today showcasing Resistance 3 Survivor Edition for the PS3 entertainment system.

    To quote: So for those of you that missed the announcement of all the different Resistance 3 retail options a few months back, I wanted to give you a quick reminder and show you a brand new trailer we have for the Resistance 3 Survivor Edition.

    Here's a quick recap of the various digital pre-order bonuses available across PAL.

    Please note: these vary dependent on locale and retailer, so please check your local game outlet for more information:

    - SRPA Black Ops skin
    - Infected Nathan Hale skin
    - Air Fuel Grenade
    - Special multiplayer title: "Sentinel"
    - Multiplayer booster
    - Chimera tooth necklace (this one is a physical item!)


    Next up we have the Resistance 3 Special Edition. This version of the game comes in a stunning SteelBook case - packed with a voucher code for all of the pre-order items listed above.

    Not only will this look awesome on your shelf, (the array of logos are on a perspex sleeve which you can remove) but this version will also come complete with a very cool 'vinyl effect' Blu-ray Disc (complete with the ribbed vinyl effect on the surface).


    We have an alternate option for those of you new to the PS3 (and Resistance) in the form of a 320GB console packed with the standard edition of Resistance 3. Check it out below:


    Now last, but by no means least, we have the Resistance 3 Survivor Edition which you should already have seen.

    That's it for now - Resistance 3 will be coming exclusively to PS3 across PAL from 7 September.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Hello all, I don't have this game to make a tests but some one called stestef is claiming that made a fix 3.55 for resistance 3 PAL EURO version !

    The fix need the game demo which is already functionnal on 3.55 CFW

    Here is the source: twitter.com/overgames_

    Here is the link for that fix: http://www.wupload.com/file/26616243...sistance_3.rar

    mdp is: Overgames

    Here is the link for the game demos: http://www.filestube.com/bJ02XNH137w...IDEMZ-NET.html

    Initial source of this information here: ps3-addict.fr/forum/nouveau-fix-pour-resistance-t5745.html

    In the read me file, the guy said that we need to install the game demo PKG
    After that we apply the fix files/folders on the game directory.

    We install the fixed game with MultiMAN, we lunch the game & on the XMB we choose App_Home/PS3_Game

    Only the european release work like this guy said, it's BCES01118.

    So if some one had the game & want to test this & tell us if it's working or not ? if we could save game progression or not the bugs on the game... etc

    Thanks in advance

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