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Thread: Video: Resistance 3 PS3 at Comic-Con 2011: Global Resistance

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    Video: Resistance 3 PS3 at Comic-Con 2011: Global Resistance

    Insomniac Games Senior Community Manager James Stevenson has shared some video footage today from Comic-Con 2011 spotlighting the Global Resistance online strategy game in Resistance 3 for PS3.

    To quote: Greetings from San Diego and the International Comic-Con.

    Last night, IGN Editor Colin Moriarty moderated a panel on Resistance 3 featuring Creative Director Marcus Smith, Art Director Grant Hollis, Animation Director Kevin Grow, as well as voice actor Robin Atkin Downes (Joseph Capelli) and Crispin Freeman (Charlie Tent).

    The panel covered the Resistance universe, showed some of the new St. Louis footage we debuted on Gametrailers TV last night, and we discussed the St. Louis level, along with its mysterious story implications about Charlie Tent and his ragtag group of rebels.

    And from there, we gave the audience a behind the scenes look of the motion- and performance- capture that we used to bring the characters to life in Resistance 3. Since you all couldn't be there with us, check out this highlight video of some of the best moments from the panel.

    [viddler id=83f7acef&w=640&h=380]

    We also announced a new online strategy game complementing Resistance 3 that will live on

    Global Resistance is a free-to-play online strategy game set against mankind's final stand in the Resistance Universe. Enlist as a Chimera or Human commander and take over the world to unlock exclusive Resistance 3 multiplayer skins, in-game titles and XP boosters.

    Customize your base, build and deploy your personal arsenal alongside thousands of other players, or attack on your rivals directly in head-to-head skirmishes. Will you join the Resistance... or crush it?

    We also have a trailer for Global Resistance! Check it out below:

    [viddler id=efd8679a&w=640&h=380]

    The game is live now - though you have to sign into with your Facebook or PSN Username in order to be the first to check it out!

    [imglink=|Video: Resistance 3 PS3 at Comic-Con 2011: Global Resistance][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    neokrake Guest
    looks great ! I liked the first one, but the second game was Nya...

    the third one looks more like half life 2 for me, and that's great ^^

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