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Thread: Video: Resistance 2 BETA Glitches Leaked!

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    Starlight Guest

    Video: Resistance 2 BETA Glitches Leaked!

    A Clan which goes by the name of BrJ today has got out of 2 maps in the Resistance 2 BETA. They have leaked the Gameplay, and outside of 2 maps..

    In the video you see the Handgun, the carbine, and outside of 2 maps which is rare at such an early stage of the game!

    BrJClan stated that a tutorial will be released when the game is released and if they are not patched.

    Video is below... Enjoy All!

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    omar8503 Guest
    I don't quite understand what the glitch is being shown? Is it just because they glitched through a wall to view the outside edges of the map? Doesn't seem that impressive.

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    UKLeGeND Guest
    RFOM was full of glitches, wouldn't surprise me if R2 had quite a few as well.

    People posting videos and doing them for fun should be banned, its not cool.

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