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    Video: Remember Me PS3 Sticks In The Mind at Gamescom 2012

    Capcom Social and Community Manager Neil Gorton has shared a video spotlighting Remember Me for PS3, which he proclaims sticks in the mind at Gamescom 2012.

    To quote: Capcom is pleased to announce its brand new title Remember Me for PlayStation 3, shown for the first time yesterday during our press conference at gamescom!

    Players will take on the role of Nilin and be swept into the future world of Neo-Paris where memories are bought and sold in an age where social media and sharing have been taken to the extreme.

    Once a feared enforcer for the agency that controls this information, Nilin finds her memory wiped clean and must fight to find out the truth about who she is and why this was done to her.

    Not only does Remember Me look absolutely stunning but the gameplay is something Capcom is really proud of. Not only are there moments of extreme action on par with any big name game out on the market today but stealth and cunning are equally as important in this augmented world.

    Combat, as you can expect from Capcom, is satisfyingly bone-crunching with plenty of opportunities to execute mind blowing combos.

    Perhaps most interesting of all, however, is the ability to hack into the memories of your chosen targets. This gives you the option to alter key details in the past as they perceive it. This mind-tampering then causes a 'butterfly effect' within the target's consciousness.

    Look for this exciting title in 2013, and check out our debut trailer below.

    Will you make them believe they have committed a heinous crime and must turn themselves in? Will you cruelly cause them so much grief that they are driven to the edge of despair? There are so many possibilities with Remember Me - just remember, the bad guys won't fight fair so why should you?

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    lessgravity Guest
    the game is actually a let down after seeing the hype from trailers. jumping around is quite boring and not as exciting. standard hack and slash

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