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    Video: Qore Episode 26 Preview: Killzone 3, PS Move and More!

    PlayStation Network Executive Producer Kevin Furuichi has shared a video preview of Qore Episode 26 today, which features Killzone 3 for PS3, Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom, and PlayStation Move.

    To quote: The July episode of Qore's got action, adventure, motion, and Osaka!

    First, the action of Killzone 3. The game's only in a pre-Alpha state and already looks fantastic!

    Veronica Belmont spoke with Guerrilla Games' managing director and co-founder Hermen Hulst, and senior producer Steven ter Heide, about how they'll raise the bar for the sequel. You'll definitely want to see how the jetpacks look in full HD.

    Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom is a unique-looking action/adventure from the creative minds at Game Republic, the Japanese developer of Genji and Folklore.

    The developers sought inspiration from Czech and Russian anime, and blended aspects of many diverse cultures from around the globe to create a fantastic yet familiar world where teamwork is key.

    With the PlayStation Move hitting stores in just a few months, Veronica got some quality time with its creator Dr. Richard Marks for an in-depth look at how the technology works. Dr. Marks also shows off some cool tech demos that will further illustrate how this will create new opportunities for innovative game play.

    We also kick off a new feature this month exploring various locales around the world from a gamer's perspective. We begin with Osaka, Japan - home to Capcom - to experience the modern urban vibe full of some surprising culinary traditions.

    Inspired by the unusual consumer package design found in Japan, the Qore team's produced a hilarious interactive feature that allows you to create (and save) your own Osaka-inspired PlayStation 3 cover designs.

    Audrey Cleo previews the newest Blu-ray movie releases, along with this month's spotlight on "American" films in celebration of last weekend's Independence Day.

    All purchasers also receive a PS3 Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom theme. Look for Episode 26 on the PlayStation Store tomorrow.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    kablooey Guest
    Yes, Killzone 3 is coming!!! Itīs a shame that the 3.40 update destroyed my PS3. F-you Sony and your freaking updates that only crash sysrtems like mine and for nothing because the PSN Plus is something I donīt give a damn about.

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    tjay17 Guest
    I wonder if this has a demo in it?

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