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    Video: PS3 XMB Ideas, Sony Considers Changing the Friends List

    Update: A second concept video has now been added below!

    PlayStation 3 Firmware update 3.0 added large gray boxes (see the third picture below) around each individual user ID, making for a cluttered look that simply didn't jive with the elegance of the XMB.

    SCEE's PS3 Brand Manager stated on the EU PlayStation.Blog that "updates to firmware don't always suit everyone's tastes."

    Thankfully, the Friends list is something Sony is "looking into based on your comments." Mark Bowles added, "We really do appreciate the feedback you guys give us, both positive and negative."

    That being said, YouTube user tubescorch has shared some of his own PlayStation 3 XMB ideas along with a video below.

    To quote: "Since the recent firmware 3.0 update the PS3 XMB is taking a turn for the worse. Here a some ideas on how Sony could improve the XMB."

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    broy4686 Guest
    I REALLY like the first friends list option! SONY should really pay attention to something like that. It really flows with the XMB look and gives a similar functionality that they "attempted" to implement with 3.0

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    Balkanboy Guest
    Hey Sony, open source the XMB!

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    rickylyh Guest
    it will lag on game mode XMB friend list..

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    broy4686 Guest
    You're probably right, but even if they replaced the ugly bar around the friends lists with that slick black transparent one it would work for me. And I think a lot of the issue is that they have the bar around all of the users, not just the selected one.

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    saioke Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by rickylyh View Post
    it will lag on game mode XMB friend list..
    i highly doubt it would be any different. i mean, certain games cause the XMB to lag just a tad. displaying a little bit more information on the friends list shouldn't cause it to be any different.

    I'm all up for the idea, having despising the blocky Grey friends list, i would have to say it never really bothered me though. but if sony applies a friends list like above, trophies and level shown, then i couldn't say no.

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    xxLindenxx Guest
    God damn is sony bad a realizing the simple things..

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    the wire Guest
    The transparent bar thingy looks good, hopefully they'll change it to something like that.

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    PSPSwampy Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Balkanboy View Post
    Hey Sony, open source the XMB!
    Hey Sony, implement a firmware with hypervisor holes so someone can do a fully customised firmware and fix things up nicely

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    Okiri Guest
    The should just keep a simple xmb while playing and the original (without the gray bar on friend's list) while not playing.

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