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    Video: PS3 Stereoscopic 3D Gameplay from TGS 2009

    We caught our first glimpse of the PlayStation 3's new 3D Mode last month, and now a new video is available from this year's Tokyo Game Show.

    Sony Computer Entertainment held a technology demonstration there showcasing once again WipEout HD being played in Stereoscopic 3D mode on the PS3 console... which requires the player to wear special glasses to see the effect.

    To quote: The Director of the Software Development Department for SCE, Hideyuki Agata stated that, "Sony is looking to bring stereo vision to the home in 2010. We'd like to increase our content, in line with the start of 3D games in 2010.

    So far, we've wanted to give players a more natural experience by converting 2D games into 3D. Bringing stereo vision to the game allows the player to feel more depth, and the game world becomes more real."

    Check out the video below!

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    Shrink Guest
    I'm wainting for this since forever and a day. 2010 it's set to be released. So - WHEN in 2010?

    I'm freakin' waiting for it! Release it damn it!

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    nunracer Guest
    wow.. im so excited about the Sony so call new 3d experience which nintendo already done that 22years ago lol

    LCDs in the left and right lenses of the goggles. In simple terms, here is how it works: a specially programmed videogame image on the TV screen alternates rapidly. While the gamer is looking through the goggles, the LCD displays are synchronized to block the unwanted image and display the desired image. Each eye will see its proper perspective or field of the display.

    In other words, the left eye sees the left eye view and the right eye only see the right eye view. The game images, or fields, are refreshed at such a rate that there is no "flicker," thus creating a truly 3D experience.

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