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    Video: PS3 - It Only Does Unbelievable HD Entertainment Bundles

    Today Sony's Senior Vice President of Marketing & PlayStation Network Peter Dille has posted the latest video advert (below) for the PS3, as follows:

    I hope you're all well recovered from a tryptophan-induced holiday and are getting ready for some exciting shopping ahead (this is of course, if you haven't already taken advantage of our great Black Friday promotions).

    It's been a lot of fun rolling out the many creative executions of our "Dear PlayStation" ad campaign over the last few weeks. Kevin Butler has garnered legions of fans as he demonstrates how the PS3 "Only Does Everything" in his very unique style.

    In fact, even our friends and partners at Best Buy have been impressed. So much so, they approached us about a unique collaboration featuring Best Buy's "blue shirt" campaign in which actual Best Buy employees solve customer needs. Of course, we loved the idea.

    Our colleagues at Sony Electronics and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment also got involved with Best Buy to sweeten the deal by offering an amazing value bundle that showcases the true powerhouse Sony is when it comes to HD entertainment.

    The bundle combines a PlayStation 3, a Bravia HDTV, and a choice of a new game and Blu-ray movie - all with a total savings of up to $1100!

    The promotion runs from November 29th until December 12th across Best Buy stores nationwide and online at BestBuy.com. There are some limitations, so read more on the bundle here: BestBuy.com/SonyTVPS3.

    If you or a friend is in the market for a true 1080p HD experience, you need to check this deal out. You can also thank Kevin and Best Buy's Kevin DeVita of New York for one-upping each other to create an "explosive" bundle and a great commercial.

    I'd like to thank our sister companies and particularly our partners at Best Buy for helping make this happen. I hope many of you can take advantage of this opportunity to deck your living room with the ultimate HD entertainment experience.


    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Nairb Guest

    Big Grin

    PS3 to the power of BOOM.

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    I think this will be the holiday of the PS3, as it seems it is being promoted the most versus XBox 360 and Wii... and with the Blu-ray player + price drops it's more affordable finally too.

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    deksar Guest
    Lol... "It Only Does Unbelievable HD Entertainment Bundles" but it still can not play its own predecessor's (PS2) games.

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