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    Video: PS3 Motion Controller - Part II: Interview with R&D

    Sony's Social Media Senior Specialist Chris Morell is back with the second part of the PS3 Motion Controller R&D Interview today.

    To quote: Last week, we introduced Part I in a series of posts focusing on the recently announced PlayStation motion controller. Senior Researcher, Richard Marks, shed some light on the PlayStation Eye's camera technology and how the motion controller works.

    We know you guys are eager to learn more, so this week we're talking to Anton Mikhailov, a software engineer (and right hand man to Richard Marks) in SCEA's Research & Development department. You may recognize Anton from the motion controller demonstration at this year's E3 presentation.

    Anton was gracious enough to break down the new controller's PVC origins and some of the possible applications for this new technology. Check out the video below for more details.

    Next week, we'll be posting Part III so be sure to stop by the PlayStation Blog for more exclusive motion controller info.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    00604 Guest
    I really don't like the way they made the new controller. I mean, it just looks like a Wii controller with a big ball on the end.. they should've made something more advanced that doesn't NEED a controller.

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    walidahmadi Guest
    well it just looks awesome. I think I will get a couple of these and obviously I would get Natal as well.

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    otarumx Guest
    A controller is needed for precision, and also for not looking really dumb waving your arms like a maniac like the Natal demo lady did. Several games just wouldn't work without a controller.

    That is what I see as the main flaw with Natal, as the game gets more complex the lack of a button to press or some tangible feedback will frustrate most players relegating the tech to just Wii like family games.

    An example would be a Resident Evil game, imagine all the things you would have to do to handle a game like that without a controller. How do you walk, turn, shoot, change weapons, reload, strike with a knife, pick up stuff, climb ladders, select and item from your bag, etc, etc. Sure most things can be programed and some others set into voice recognition but what if in a critical moment voice recognition goes wonky?, what if you want to shoot but angle your arm a little lower and walk forward intead?.

    Games like those are going to be really, really difficult to program, this is why I expect MS to take the PS3 route also and release a motion controller after their product goes on sale, as much as people love to hate Sony they get some ideas correctly even if their execution takes a little time to really shine.

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    Longshot Guest
    I wonder why its mostly "looks bad, i doesnt like the look"...

    The look isnt that important, its more the technical aspect and moreso will it work smoothly and effective.
    And it already looks amazing from the techdemos at what you can do with that thingy.

    The look is just something that shouldnt be the focalpoint on this. And if you want to play more advanced games you need a controller of some sort as mentioned before... you cant do all with your hands/voice alone (in 2 dollar games sure).

    Design is something you cant satisfy everyone with... but to go on from ranting about the design and then pumping down the thing the drain is the wrong course... my eyes dont give a damn if the gamingexperience is as good as i would imagine.

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