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Thread: Video: PS3 HDD-Supported Games running from the HDD

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    Video: PS3 HDD-Supported Games running from the HDD

    The video shows:

    - Warhawk running from HDD
    - no PKG version
    - no WH disc while WH is running
    - Motorstorm running as proxy disc
    - legal way

    I wont explain the details here till the project is finished 100%, also cuz many devs want to take a look at first and not get it patched that fast. I can say that if all will work like I want it to you'll need:


    - "special" game dump of the game you want to play from HDD
    - one (any) original bd game
    - 2x minimum 60GB HDD's (illegal way - it worx but its not allowed in most countrys - its working like a packed game on psp memory stick)


    -1 60GB HDD + original disc (legal way - no need to be inserted while playing)

    Im using newest firmware PAL 60GB SKU. 3 games tested yet - working.
    Games which should be possible from the knowledge i got yet:

    - Warhawk
    - Motorstorm
    - Resistance
    - GT5
    - COD3
    - ...

    I cant check more atm, as I dont have else here. The final way will be a bit different than the video shows. Even there are 2 different ways then to do it, thats because there are 2 different groups of games. One can be done with 1 HDD but then you need the original disk of the game.

    I hope you see theres no hidden PKG (game list is shown), no hidden disk (i insert motorstorm). At the end of the video i just wanted to show its no test unit --> watch the settings. More PlayStation 3 News...

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