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Thread: Video: Premier Manager PS3 - PSN Football Management Game

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    Video: Premier Manager PS3 - PSN Football Management Game

    Today Urbanscan Product Manager Jon Hughes has introduced, alongside a video, Premier Manager PS3- a PSN exclusive football management game.

    To quote: The 2010/11 season in only a few weeks away now and if you love your football as much as we do here at Urbanscan, the home of Premier Manager, then you'll have spent most of the summer so far desperately waiting to hear about the great new signing who is going to transform your favourite Club's fortunes.

    The build up to the new season can be as frustrating as it is exciting, everyone else seems to be spending millions on brilliant new players whilst your club has sold its best player, probably to Manchester City, and replaced him with a player you've never heard of for a fraction of the cost!

    Well, here at Premier Manager, the brand new PSN exclusive football management game for the PlayStation 3 launching on 28th July, we understand your frustration.

    Indeed the atmosphere in our office as the new season approaches changes on an hourly basis as rumours filter in about who is moving where. We understand so much that we have a suggestion that might help.

    Forget about the real manager of your club, what does he know? Take matters into your own hands and build the team you want to succeed this season. If you want to try and sign Spanish goal machine Fernando Torres, or feel you've got what it takes to persuade Dutch superstar Wesley Sneijder that his future lies with you and not Inter Milan, then Premier Manager is the perfect solution!

    We'll allow you to manage any team you like from the up to date 2010/11 English, Italian, Spanish, French, German and Scottish Leagues. We'll even allow you to sell and most importantly try and buy anyone you like, provided you can convince the Chairman to put his hand in his pocket!

    Once you've assembled your dream team you can attempt to get the best out of them by coming up with the perfect formation and balance for your team (take note Fabio Capello) to take them to the top of your league.

    [viddler id=a7995475&w=545&h=327]

    So what's it going to be? Look from the outside with envy and frustration, or download Premier Manager for just 13.99, fill your team with your own favourite players and have much more fun? It's no contest really is it? The only question is; who will you buy?

    [imglink=|Video: Premier Manager PS3 - PSN Football Management Game][/imglink]
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    Finally someone from the USA who calls "Football" Football and not soccer.

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