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    Video: PlayStation's 3D Display Hits This Weekend, Full Tour Demo

    Today Sony Senior PR and Hardware Specialist Abby Reyes has made available a full video tour demo of PlayStation's new 3D display that is arriving this weekend!

    To quote: It's officially dark at 6pm and the crisp, woodsy smell in the air lets me know that the holidays are just around the corner. With so many great 3D-compatible titles, such as UNCHARTED 3: Drake's Deception, Batman Arkham City, and Assassin's Creed Revelations, recently launched and coming, there's no shortage of 3D entertainment on the PS3 system this holiday season.

    That being said, the 3D Display is sure to be a hit under the tree, so we thought we'd give you all a personalized tour of the product.

    Featuring a luminous 24" LCD screen with full HD 1080p 3D presentation, the 3D Display delivers an incredible high-definition stereoscopic 3D experience, offering best-in-class visuals in both 2D and 3D for all of you gamers.

    As our first official gaming display, the 3D Display is enhanced for gaming with SimulView, a special feature that allows you to view individual, unique, full-screen images of gameplay in two-player mode.

    We're very excited to be able to deliver a comprehensive 3D package at an affordable price. We firmly believe that 3D games will lead the charge into 3D adoption and this bundle arrives when great 3D games are launching.

    The 3D Display bundle is available at a retailer near you for $499.99 (MSRP). It includes the 3D Display, a copy of MotorStorm Apocalypse, one pair of PlayStation 3D Glasses, and an HDMI cable. The 3D Glasses will also be available separately for $69.99 MSRP.

    What 3D titles have you played? Are you excited about SimulView? Let us know!

    Video: PlayStation's 3D Display Hits This Weekend, Full Tour Demo

    Video: PlayStation's 3D Display Hits This Weekend, Full Tour Demo

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    OMG!, sony actually included an HDMI cable with one of their products, lol. I might consider buying one but I just wish they had made a bigger screen.

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    The girl is hot And so are AAA-titles

    on topic: honestly, I'm glad that HDMI-ripoff from the 2007 is finaly over. Let's face it, almost every HDMI cable has nearly the same picture. Every HDMI cable I bought is $10 or less, and I'm happy with image. I just can't understand people buying those "platinum-diamond inscribed cables" for $50+

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    umm what was that video about.. have to watch it again.. LOL shes so hot..

    i'd love to try a game in 3d just to see what its like but i won't be buying one of these.. they're too small for my liking. i play on a toshiba 40" and i wish it was bigger sometimes LOL and yes cheaper hdmi cables work really well. good point tidusnake666.

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    24" is standard monitor size. Sony are out of their minds trying to sell a TV that sized at $500.

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    lets hope with time, this technology sells for bigger screens and gets cheaper, the idea is indeed cool and if I was out hunting for a new TV I would definitely look at this tv if it was bigger, 50 inches or at least 42 inches.. I wouldn't mind paying a little more for TV like this..

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    Hello, I plan to take its output (French for me)

    but I wonder if the Simulview is well made, are that someone would return sivouplai? thank you

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