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    Video: PlayStation Move Review with Table Tennis & Tiger Woods

    Last week we saw images of Sony's PlayStation Move PS3 Motion Controller dissected, and this weekend NeoGAF (linked above) user AlexMogil has shared a video review of PS Move House Party he recently won.

    Here are his thoughts on PlayStation Move thus far, to quote:

    "Overall the device is nice, a little heavier than what I would have expected. As I mentioned in another thread I had to stand for every game but it isn't because of the technology, it's more because the games were designed that way.

    For example, Sports Champions' table tennis allows you to move in all directions to play the ball and is surprisingly effective. I will try and be more detailed about it in the description of the titles.

    Controlling the PS3 interface with the Move controller is really frustrating. Hold in the trigger and shake the stick to move in all directions... but it is waaaay too sensitive. I found myself giving up and reaching for the DS3. The web browser also does not create a virtual mouse which I thought would have been a nice touch.

    The input lag is noticeable with everything. Not so much that it is make or break, but it is noticeable. It's a little like playing online and mentally compensating for a specific lag while playing.

    I also am really disappointed there is no consistent interface between games. Sports Champions will actively tell you when your controller is not in view of the PSEye, Tiger just makes wild assumptions. Some games ask you to calibrate by hitting the action button and pointing at the Eye, some the trigger, some the X button. You also must calibrate every controller between every different title.

    A lot of the games don't know what to call the main button yet either. It's weird to see it called different things across different titles.

    I don't understand the coloring of the sphere either. A little consistency would have gone a long way. Some games player 1 is green, some it's purple. The only true way to tell what controller you are holding is to hit the PS button on the wand as there are no led indicators on the wands themselves.

    I'm sure there's more questions than answers here so feel free to hit me up. I'm not good at this obviously. Don't get me wrong also - this technology is solid. It feels a little snappier than Nintendo's add-on.

    Anyway, on to the games. I'm a little ignorant about some of these so if I say something wrong, eat me it's Shark Week. I haven't been studying price points and release methods.

    Tumble: This is a good one, but it really better not be full priced. Move blocks of different material around to make giant towers, or destroy them for maximum damage. Great control sensitivity and really reads motion well. Apparently it supports 3D TVs.

    It looks like you could get tired of this one really quickly though. Not exactly graphically intensive. I had to stand to play it because of the range of motion expected. The game even points out the fact that if you're sitting or reclining, you better be sure to get your motions right. I'd buy it at thirty bucks.

    Beat Sketcher: This demo only featured the drawing aspect of the game. I'm not sure what else there is, honestly. Two measures of a backbeat repeat in the background while you paint with color and different brushes. As you paint you can choose an instrument that plays sounds in relation to what you paint.

    It records your sounds and corrects their timing so you are constantly adding to a little two measure tune. Gotta stand for this one as the canvas is huge! The controls are a little convoluted but with practice I can see where you could get to the brushes and colors and really create something. My daughter might want this (she's 12) but I wouldn't buy it for myself.

    Tiger Woods '11: The stick handling is great. Let's get that out of the way. You address the ball and every little motion is reflected in Tiger's stance. Really eerie. EA's implementation of controls is just awful. Press this, what'd that do? Okay how 'bout this?

    I'm sure with time you could get used to it but for goodness sakes we have a magic wand in our hands - let's take advantage of it and not rely so much on the buttons! It's still a good experience. Putting is a freaking nightmare. 3 putt at 5 feet. YIKES. Of course, you gotta stand for this one. Anyway I would buy this. Interestingly there is an option to buy the full game in the demo although it didn't work.

    The Shoot: WOW! It's nothing more than a point and shoot but the implementation is so much fun! You've on a movie set shooting targets and objects and given instructions to duck and interact with objects with a cranky director yelling at you. Kinda like Stuntman with guns. You earn bonus tokens that earn special moves.

    For example, you earn a slowdown which... slows down time allowing you to take out a group of enemies in your own time. But you have to TWIRL in PLACE to do it! Holy gods that really works! I could only imagine how fun that will be in a party situation. Very frantic action, pretty good graphics, just a good time. Obviously you have to stand. I would buy this, yeah.

    TV Superstars: My mom raised me that if I didn't have anything nice to say, not to say anything at all.

    Kung Fu Rider: Iiiii'mmm not sure. You are a detective in a PI firm who got in trouble with the mafia and now you're on the run from them. In order to get away you have to blow through city streets grabbing money and other pickups while riding at high speeds on an office chair.

    Different motions cause you to lean back to duck under barricades, jump up over obstacles, turn left and right, kick oncoming baddies, and turbo to blast through objects. I need to play this more, but this is pretty bland. It's a 'driving' game with different abilities. I don't know if you could do this sitting or not. I couldn't. I also wouldn't buy this just because it seems like it would get really old, really fast. The style is cute, though, I'll give it that.

    Start The Party!: I want to like this more because all the videos I've ever seen of it look like a lot of fun. I think they just didn't include enough minigames for me to say yea or nay. I got to swat bugs with a tennis racket, and also create a monster by coloring in shapes as fast as I could.

    With better load times this could be a big hit. It's a tad childish, so I might not be the target demographic. Not sure. That announcer has to go. Definitely have to stand for this one if you want to be successful swatting those bugs! Might buy it for a great price.

    Sports Champions: Star of the show, no question. I got to play table tennis and disc golf. The table tennis is sublime. Topspins, smashes, rushes, fades... it's really great! I miss the ball sometimes because I'm trying to get the perfect smash in. Very good. This is one of those games where the lag compensation kicks in pretty quick.

    The disc golf could be great, I dunno... I only got to play one hole. I want to play more though! Judging by that single hole it feels like it could be a great time. Again, you have *got* to stand for this one. You move left and right and forward and backward for the table tennis... and it works! Jim Cramer says BUY BUY BUY!"

    Image Notes: "Not shown are the demo disc and camera. The pink and yellow things are armbands for the party. I got some nifty Kevin buttons that are in the baggie, Playstation Move cocktail napkins, some magnets, 8 frisbees, and like 16 of these plastic can holders branded with Playstation.

    The demo disc contained demos of Sports Champions, Start the Party, Kung Fu Rider, TV Superstars, The Shoot, Tiger Woods 11, Beat Sketcher, and Tumble. Also featured a video that showed off some Move titles.

    The weight of this things is a little surprising. Not that it weighs 10 pounds, but it does weigh more than a DS3. The bottom of the controller features the trigger, called the 'T' button. That answers the question posed in the Heavy Rain thread. Here's a view of the back of the wand.

    There's the USB port, and the other port would be for the navigation controller. The other two holes are for what I would assume is for an external charger, otherwise you charge via USB."

    Those interested can check out the PlayStation Move Review with Table Tennis & Tiger Woods video below!

    Finally, in related news a PlayStation Move House Party unboxing video is also available today via TQCast.com on YouTube:

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    dc740 Guest
    I thought this was going to rock... now we have the Wii 2... with a horrible input lag.

    It looks like a vibrator.

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    muj Guest


    I have played it already at playstation beta, both Playstation move and gran turismo 5.

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