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    Video: PlayStation Move and Move Party Gameplay Footage

    For those who can't wait until this fall to experience Sony's PlayStation Move and Move Party first hand, user H0yTecnologia has shared a new gameplay footage video of it in action via YouTube today.

    Although PlayStation Move is implemented on the existing PlayStation 3 console, Sony states that it is treating Move's debut as its own major "platform launch," planning an aggressive marketing campaign to support it.

    In addition to selling the controllers individually, Sony also plans to provide several different bundle options for PlayStation Move hardware, such as a starter kit with a PS Eye, a Move motion controller, and motion-control enabled software, priced under $100 US.

    To quote from the video's caption, roughly translated: "In HoyTecnologia have had the opportunity to test the Alpha version of peripherals and Sony has done a very good impression."

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    heartagram62 Guest
    Is it just me or has the Playstaion Eye grown somewhat?

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    lyoth Guest

    Big Grin yep

    Quote Originally Posted by heartagram62 View Post
    Is it just me or has the Playstaion Eye grown somewhat?
    yep is just you, the big black bar is part of the surround sound speaker.

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    Mexicodude908 Guest
    Ah man this is terrible to watch, I'm sorry but when you make a video don't have a friend hold a little Sony camera or use your Iphone it felt like i was on a boat the whole time. But i must say not too fond of this whole thing yet, i mean now they are requiring us to get both the Eye and the Move controller.

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