SCEA Product Marketing Manager Brad Bennett has made available a new PlayStation Move developer diary video today showcasing MAG on the PlayStation 3 entertainment system.

To quote: Last week we released Patch 2.0 featuring Playstation Move compatibility for MAG.

So far the response has been overwhelmingly positive from our community. We worked hard to implement PlayStation Move with MAG and are stoked to see it taking off.

To get in on massive 256-player battles and learn more about dominating the battlefield with Playstation Move, check out the new Developer Diary below.

"The Move is not only precise but it also takes you in different direction, it feels like a natural extension of your hand and wrist. It just flows with your body and you stop thinking about having a controller. Those are the experiences that really pull you in as a player." -Ben Jones, MAG level designer

[viddler id=f5e700ce&w=545&h=327]

With MAG available for only $29.99 as part of the PS3?s Greatest Hits line, now is the perfect time to jump!

[imglink=|Video: PlayStation Move Developer Diary: MAG on PlayStation 3][/imglink]
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