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Thread: Video: PlayStation Home Mystery 'Xi' Teaser Trailer Available

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    Video: PlayStation Home Mystery 'Xi' Teaser Trailer Available

    Recently there have been subtle hints in Sony's PlayStation Home including messages like the "Xi is almost ready." It appears Xi is launching imminently in PlayStation Home, but what is it?

    Currently nobody knows what 'Xi' is, however, today a mysterious video emerged in PlayStation Home. Those interested can view the video via the European PlayStation Home's Square on the big screen (between the marketplace and in cinema) or via

    To quote: If you can stand watching this minute and a half of annoying flashes, then you just might get an early glimpse of "Xi" for PlayStation Home.

    The new teaser trailer features a series of random images meshed together by blurry transitions and it's accompanied by the most painful shutter sound effects ever. Be warned, you might feel dizzy watching it.

    We don't learn much from the teaser, though we can spot some clues pointing to what it could be. A symbol (image below) is seen as wall graffiti in Home. Given the distinct, enigmatic nature of the trailer, we're assuming this could be some sort of mystery-thriller/puzzle clue hunting game within Home.

    It could also be related to that odd message discovered back in February. Whatever it is, it looks like it'll give Home users something new to do.

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    It's a bit freaky.. I really don't have a clue about what it could be, but as you said, looks like some footage was about PS Home. I hope we will have more clues soon

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