SCEE's Sponsorship & Events Manager Carl Christopher-Ansari has shared a video announcement today on their new PlayStation Game Runners and Next Level Street Gaming project, as follows:

PlayStation Game Runners is an experimental project where PlayStation, members of the public and young people from diverse backgrounds come together to create social games. We at PlayStation believe that the best games are played as a group.

The project has been developed by PlayStation and Hide & Seek with a team of eight initial Game Runners who have been picked to train as game designers and work to make the games relevant.

There are three games in development: Flags, Blocks and Hoops. The games are in prototype stage and there will be a series of playtests to develop the games. You can get involved in PlayStation Game Runners, where you can learn about the different games, meet the Game Runners and get involved. Fans are invited to comment on the games and support The Game Runners.

The most popular game - as decided by the fans - will be selected and put forward into development and then put into action at a live event to be announced, where fans can try out the game for real.

Details of the three games in development:

Hoops is an urban adventure that takes the backyard past-time of shooting hoops to an intense new level. Played out across a large area, teams of eight must work together to discover hidden stashes of balls, find shooting points, and then get the ball through the hoop.

There are many hoops hidden around the streets, so be on the look-out... Sometimes the player will be able to shoot the hoop in one throw; sometimes, the team will have to work together to pass the ball from the shooting point to the hoop.

Many teams play simultaneously, so there are lots of chances for interceptions. This is a game where teamwork, communication and a good throwing arm are key...

Blocks is a three-dimensional game of strategy and precision movement. Two opposing players take it in turns to place the blocks in a 2 x 2 tower. Every face of the block has a PlayStation symbol on it. When a player places a block, the symbols on all touching faces must match.

Here's the tricky bit: all the blocks are a little bit uneven, and so stacking a high tower gets harder and harder. The player who lets the tower topple, or who runs out of time to make a move, loses the game. You'll need a logical mind and a steady hand to triumph!

Flags is Noughts and Crosses transformed into a fun, social team game. Played on a 3 x 3 grid with a flag in the centre of each square, teams of three compete against one another to make a winning row. Players capture a flag by out-numbering their opponents on the square for a full ten-count.

If you don't get to ten, you don't raise the flag... Flags begins as a fun and chaotic game. but players soon develop complex tactics to dominate squares. You'll need great communication, quick thinking and fast movement if you want to succeed...

Check out Game Runners on facebook to find out more and vote for your favourite.

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