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    Video: PlayStation Eye Chat - Military Madness: Nectaris for PS3

    Social Media Senior Specialist Chris Morell shared a PlayStation Eye chat video today on the PlayStation Blog covering Military Madness: Nectaris for PS3.

    To quote: A couple weeks back, you met Backbone designer Kyle Tunison who dropped some first details on Military Madness coming soon for PSN.

    As promised, we brought Kyle to life via the PlayStation Eye, throwing him your questions and more.

    So take a look at the vid, and stay tuned as Kyle will be back to talk in-depth about Military Madness' multiplayer mode in the near future.

    Check out the video below!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    semitope Guest
    FINALLY!!!!!!!!!! NO dlc and everything you need is in the game at the start. GREAT way of thinking. Someone pointed out on kotaku i think it was that DLC ties you into a console and that couldnt be more correct. Its an annoying thing to have downloads locked to a system (whether console or simply being unable to dl them however you wish) even though you bought them

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