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    Starlight Guest

    Video: PlayStation 3 Home And PSN Online Services Comparison

    Recently GameTrailers have examined and compared the online services offered for current game consoles, and today Bonus Round Episode 28: Part 2 - Online Services HD spotlighting PlayStation 3's Home is available.

    To quote from the video's caption:

    "With Home just around the corner we take an inside look at the PSN."

    Video is below, and courtesy of Game Trailers.


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    adrianc1982 Guest
    I think these guys are very biased, come on, they didnt give any pros about sonys psn, when they were asked about psn being free they just said it was like being in a park and that you wouldnt like all the people in there and that xbox live was a very nice club, what kind of answer is that?

    I think xbox live has come a long way and has been leading the online services but that doesnt mean sonys psn is bad at all, at least you get to play online for free and check out the multiplayer type of games with out paying, Im an adult and I had an xbox 360 and never paid my gold membership, I did get some free months but never felt encouraged to pay for the service and this comes from someone that has 4 credit cards and is able to pay this service.

    I did buy some games from xbox marketplace but never the subscription, psn is free and you meet up with your friends in your friends list and start playing with them, its easy to join because most of us have it on autoconnect and by the time you power your ps3 you are already connected to psn and are able to watch your friends online.

    This video felt at least for me biased and they praised the xbox live service a lot like if they never played in the psn or they played a little, did you see the older guy when asked about the psn if he was like whispering almost at least I didnt understand him, and I think this is because he wasnt prepared or didnt have a good opinion.

    The other thing I noticed is this guys are very familiar with xbox live because they have been playing more time with that service because its older and they dont feel the need to explore the psn service. I thought for a second they didnt even know what the psn was all they knew was what theyve read on the net.

    I still think xbox live is a better service for now, and like I said that is because it has been here longer and until a few months back it had a huge game library that the ps3 didnt have and the ps3 was in diapers but the psn is very solid and at least gives some serious competition to the unmatched xbox live service.

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    BlingOnMyWrist Guest


    All but the interviewer seemed biased towards Xbox LIVE. And I agree with you Adrian, that it seemed like they were very poorly informed on the capabilities of PSN. Honestly, I believe that both services are equal. I see no advantage in either service over the other. I hear about better online stability with LIVE but, my brother has LIVE and he has just as many lag/server issues with his games as I do.

    I believe that they also missed one of the greatest points of Home. That being user created content and your trophy room. A true rival against the 2D page that displays your Xbox LIVE achievements.

    A small thing that I noticed was when the Achievement list was displayed, the female *for lack of a better word* said, "I love the points!", as if the PSN got no credit for having trophies.

    It's too bad that this was from a widely broadcast to the masses, as they are receiving 'tainted' information. You think a service like GameTrailers would check what they are releasing. But, it is possible that they are funded by Microsoft of course. We all know how Microsoft is with money...

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