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Thread: Video: PlayStation 3 Firmware v3.10 Update Preview

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    Video: PlayStation 3 Firmware v3.10 Update Preview

    Today PlayStation Network Operations Director Eric Lempel shared a video preview of the upcoming PS3 Firmware v3.10 update.

    To quote: Hi everyone, here's an early peek at PlayStation 3 (PS3) firmware update (v3.10). The latest update incorporates Facebook into the PS3 experience.

    By linking your PlayStation Network account to your Facebook account, you will have the option for the PS3 to automatically update your Facebook News Feed with Trophy and PlayStation Store activity.

    This update also enables developers to set specific criteria in their titles to publish additional game information to your News Feed. You can then check out your updates, and those of your friends, on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media favorites through the PS3's built-in web browser.

    This is just the beginning of our integration with Facebook and we are looking forward to adding new features enhancing the experience in future updates.

    Additional highlights from update 3.10 include:

    - The Photo category on the XMB has been revamped to make it easier to see more of your photos stored on the PS3.
    - The PSN Friends List has been modified based on feedback we received after update 3.00. Additionally, you can now choose a color for your PSN ID on the XMB.

    To get a preview of what's coming in update 3.10, check out the video below:

    [viddler id=31d2f095&w=437&h=288]

    We're looking forward to releasing firmware update 3.10 soon. As always, we appreciate your feedback.

    [imglink=|Video: PlayStation 3 Firmware v3.10 Update Preview][/imglink]
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    livpool Guest
    the video doesn't work.. had to watch it on the blog.

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    gforce715 Guest
    Meh. i don't want 50 status updates on my facebook page a day so i'll pass

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    gtxboyracer Guest
    I submitted the news item also about 2 or so hours ago - and no credit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by livpool View Post
    the video doesn't work.. had to watch it on the blog.
    Works fine here, and it uses the same code as all the others we post from the PS Blog so perhaps it's just a temporary issue with the Viddler service for you.

    Quote Originally Posted by gtxboyracer View Post
    I submitted the news item also about 2 or so hours ago - and no credit?
    I will +Rep your reply posted in this thread now, but when we do backend work (as we did today) the submissions do not work properly.

    This is the drawback of not having a test site I suppose, but we do the best we can.

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    MMBtalk Guest
    I thought facebook integration would mean having an icon that makes one directly log into facebook. I am sure it is not everyone who is interested in sharing game information and from what has been demoed, you link to facebook by turning on three features in your account info, which I won't do.

    Secondly if the browse could just be fast enough to be a credible alternative to the PC's then that would be merit making this update interesting. From what I have seen in the video it is more of a 3.01 than 3.1.

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    Pretikewl Guest
    + Very nice about the friends list change.
    - There should still be an option to turn that "highlight" off all together.

    + Organization of pics looks good. Wonder how it's going to look on sd tv's though?

    + Facebook integration... don't use it, don't care, but maybe good for people that are into that kinda of stuff.

    - Still no option to change the font size...

    - Still no way to get rid of the ticker in the upper right (without changing the date)...

    /lays down 2 cents

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    broy4686 Guest


    no cross game chat?! wtf?

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    adrianc1982 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by broy4686 View Post
    no cross game chat?! wtf?
    I knew we wouldnt get cross chat from the interview posted earlier this week, it feels more like 2+ months before we see that feature coming to the ps3. And yeah to me the update looks pretty lame since I dont use facebook and I dont think its gaming related, but oh well.

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    Tristan Young Guest
    Boring... Another useless update.

    Honestly people, there's more to life than facebook.

    Sony - why don't you do something useful? Do some crazy cool stuff that puts the other consoles to shame. Instead, you're farting around with facebook support?? WTF? That's going to lock you into supporting facebook through its evolution for years to come.

    This is the best you can come up with? People have been asking for cross-game chat - as much as I don't care for that feature either, at least it's something the majority of PS3 owners have been asking for. In my circle of friends, not one gives a rats behind about facebook integration.

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