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Thread: Video: Play with the Developers - Guitar Hero Smash Hits for PS3

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    Video: Play with the Developers - Guitar Hero Smash Hits for PS3

    Beenox Producer Paul Gadbois dropped by the PlayStation blog today to share a launch trailer of the upcoming PS3 title Guitar Hero Smash Hits and issue a challenge, as follows:

    Tomorrow, Friday July 24th, Beenox developers will be online to challenge you for the 1st time on Guitar Hero Smash Hits.

    We'll have drums, guitars, vocals, and bass so they're will be plenty of ways to challenge us. Don't forget to bring your headset as you'll be invited to ask us any questions you may have on the development of Smash Hits.

    You'll be able to meet with, artists, note trackers, testers, programmers and more... the team is really excited about this event and has a lot to share.

    [viddler id=a7cc9d25&w=437&h=288]

    How this works is pretty simple, just add the list of developers to your friends list and when you see us online at 4pm EST, send us game invites or simply search for players with GHBXDEV in their name.

    When: Friday July 24th
    Time: 4pm EST
    Developers to invite:

    Programmer: GHBxDevJonathan
    Programmer: GHBxDevMathieu
    Animator: GHBxDevJeff
    Producer: GHBxDevPaul
    Guitar Note Tracker: GHBxDevGuy
    Guitar Note Tracker: GHBxDevFrancois
    Tester: GHBxDevMelissa
    Drum Note Tracker: GHBxDevClaude

    I really hope you're ready for the challenge! Happy practicing and see you all on Friday!

    [imglink=|Video: Play with the Developers - Guitar Hero Smash Hits for PS3][/imglink]
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    mark29 Guest
    upcoming? but smash hits has been out for months here in spain.

    only worth it if you got into it from world tour..

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