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    Apr 2005

    Video: Play Crisis with SIXAXIS on PS3

    Streaming software by StreamMyGame, that enables the latest PC games to be played on the PlayStation 3, now enables you to play PC games with your SIXAXIS controller.

    The new StreamMyGame PlayStation 3 player includes a USB and Bluetooth pairing tool that enables the SIXAXIS to be used via cable or wirelessly.

    "Both our new StreamMyGame PS3 player and the Bluetooth tool install automatically, just download and double click" said Richard Faria, StreamMyGames CEO. "In addition to streaming games from your local PC, the new player enables games to be streamed from remote PCs or PC servers housed in ISP exchanges".

    Also included is a new configuration tool enabling gamers to map each SIXAXIS button and thumb controller to a different keyboard key and mouse axis so gamers can create map settings that suit their preferred gameplay.

    "The new player works with Yellow Dog Linux Version 6 which is now really easy to install and recommended by Sony," said Richard. "We have included full details on our website of where to download YDL6, how to record it to DVD and how to install it".

    Watch Crysis on the PS3 with SIXAXIS. Includes installation and configuration.

    "The ability to use the SIXAXIS to play PC games on the PS3 enables our PS3 customers to use a gaming control they are already familiar with and the flexibility to play games the way they want," said Richard.

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    eca Guest
    Has anyone tested it with Crisis yet, to confirm it does run well?

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    ez345 Guest
    isnt this old news... thought it was posted a while back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ez345 View Post
    isnt this old news... thought it was posted a while back.
    Sorta... the closest I can find is this article on StreamMyGame which also mentions Crysis: http://www.ps4news.com/PC_Tech/crysi...ble-on-eee-pc/

    However, that doesn't mention the SIXAXIS nor have the new video that was only recently (August 03, 2008) uploaded to YouTube.

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    tworok Guest
    how does this work? is the game inserted on the pc drive or on the ps3 drive?

    i'm curious because my pc can't handle Crysis at proper settings..

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