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Thread: Video: PAIN: The People's MODE for PlayStation 3

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    Video: PAIN: The People's MODE for PlayStation 3

    SCEA Sr. Producer Travis Williams has posted a new video today on the PlayStation Blog showcasing PAIN: The People's MODE for Sony's PlayStation 3.

    To quote: If you have been keeping up with our PlayStation Network game PAIN lately you would realize we just released SORE SPOTS. This particular release has been good for us in that we really got to address some core improvements to PAIN as a whole as well as create a multiplayer mode filled with player suggestions we have had for a while now.

    Some of the improvements to PAIN include:

    - Revamped Menus
    We've added so much content that the old menus just were not working for us anymore.

    [viddler id=e6676923&w=437&h=288]

    - PS3 Trophy lists inside modes
    Players hated leaving modes to figure out how to get all the trophies. So now you can see those requirements inside the mode you are playing.

    - PAINalympics!
    It's a good exercise to browse our message boards and pick out some of the wackiest ideas we have gotten from the community. I remember one player wanted a mode where you could see how long you can go without touching the ground.

    Another player wanted to swing and kick people... I could go on for a while here, but the request list usually starts to disturb me.

    One user suggested we make an Olympic mode.. (And everyone else agreed) So this was a good excuse to tie a bunch of insane acts together and compel people to become good at them. PAINalympics is now my go to mode to play with my friends.

    As a thanks to some of our community helpers we gave them some love in our new video. Enjoy it!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Dethklok78 Guest


    This looks like a really good time-waster game, but I might just buy it if it isn't too expensive.

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    CyanCaze Guest
    I remember my Pain review... God that game was over priced. I recently bought Super star dust portable for 10 dollars on my PSP and it has 5 levels yet is at least 90 times more fun then PAIN.

    Now don't get me wrong PAIN is quite unique, but it's as boring as hell, and I didn't get any use out of it until online came out.

    I gave it a 53 with online and like 32 without. So anyone thinking this will be a good time waster I recommend Super Star Dust or a PS1 classic over it. It IS the worst game on the PS3. Sure it isn't the worst game ever made. But it's not worth the charge.

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    Sooks Guest


    I dont blame you... PAIN looks fun in the video and it is... for a while. I bought it and played it for a very short time and I cant find the interest to play it again...

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