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Thread: Video: Pac-Man Championship Edition Hits PlayStation Minis Today

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    Video: Pac-Man Championship Edition Hits PlayStation Minis Today

    SCEE European Product Manager Adam Grant has announced that Pac-Man Championship Edition is hitting PlayStation Minis today alongside a video trailer below.

    To quote: Although PAC-MAN's 30th Anniversary celebration has already seen the game immortalised twice - first in the form of the PAC-MAN Google Doodle, then by induction into the Video Game Hall of Fame - nothing might be as exciting as what the developers at Namco gave fans of their legendary game this August: less a celebration of the past than an evolution in the game they love.

    PAC-MAN Championship Edition, the latest in PAC-MAN's pellet-eating adventures, amps up everything the classic franchise is known for without abandoning any of the charms that defined it as a three-decade Arcade staple.

    [viddler id=4ddae84e&w=545&h=327]

    Boasting six game modes with unique mazes and time-limits, PAC-MAN Championship Edition fuses dynamically changing mazes and dazzling visual effects with a new time-based gameplay system. As in the original PAC-MAN game, PAC-MAN must eat all pellets whilst avoiding Ghosts.

    New to PAC-MAN Championship Edition, however, is a unique and addictive element by which after clearing the available pellets in one-half of the maze, a bonus item will become available on the other half of the maze-collect this bonus item and the cleared-half of the maze will refresh with a totally new design and pellet pattern.

    PAC-MAN Championship Edition does more than dazzle with new visual effects. It consists of six game modes, each with its own unique set of mazes and time limits. Fans of the original PAC-MAN will enjoy Championship Mode, but with courses with hidden walls, heightened rates of speed and mazes inspired by the streets of Manhattan, there is something for everyone.

    Twelve diverse awards will have fans hunting for Bonus Items and eating ghosts in succession. Gamers can earn the "Sparkster" award by emitting sparks for a full second. Not as easy as it sounds - we tried it!

    PAC-MAN Championship Edition is launching today, available on minis for PSP and PS3 for new and lifelong fans alike. With original PAC-MAN creator Toru Iwatani personally overseeing its development, this is in many ways the PAC-MAN challenge Namco has always wanted to make.

    Stay current on all things PAC-MAN by joining the community on Facebook and visiting the official site.

    [imglink=|Video: Pac-Man Championship Edition Hits PlayStation Minis Today][/imglink]
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    gygabyte666 Guest
    Hmm, I thought this was supposed to be out today. i really, REALLY want this for my PSP.

    Also, is this supposed to be coming to the U.S. store or the European one? Good news, good news indeed! Hope it comes out soon... I am dying to play this one.

    Update: I answered my own questions. It is actively up on the PS Store. It is also only available through the European store. Anyone know when this is supposed to arrive as a U.S. Mini?

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