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    Video: Okami HD Hits PSN Today, Watch the Launch Trailer Now

    Capcom Marketing Manager Tristan Corbett has posted up the launch trailer for Okami HD announcing that it is hitting PSN today!

    To quote: At long last I'm pleased to share that the great goddess Amaterasu is ready to save the world once again! Okami HD is launching on PSN today in North America and will be available to download for $19.99 later today with the PlayStation Store update.

    In case anyone needs it, here's a quick refresher on all the things we've added to Okami HD:

    • The critically acclaimed classic brought to new life on PS3
    Full native 1080p visuals brings Okami's stunning visuals into the HD era
    • PlayStation Move motion controller support allows players to enjoy the celestial brush in new and intuitive ways
    • Trophy Support, including a Platinum trophy, gives players all new challenges to complete

    I'd like to extend a big thanks to the PSN community as well as PlayStation.Blog for all their support for Okami HD. Your support helped make this project happen and it is greatly appreciated!

    I can say for myself that this title was hands down the most fun I've had working on any project here at Capcom. I hope you all enjoy the game as much as we've enjoyed bringing it to you.

    Check out our launch trailer above. Will you be picking up Okami HD today? If so, will you be playing on DualShock or PlayStation Move?

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    Brian10122 Guest
    Sweeeeeet. Looks like this'll be the first PSN title I've bought in a while <3

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    BluRay Guest
    Already have both Wii and PS2 versions and I'll probably get this one too

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