Today Alexander Bravve at Nordcurrent has unveiled the sequel to Arcade Essentials dubbed Arcade Essentials Evolution for PSN alongside a video trailer below.

To quote: Almost a year ago we released a Minis called Arcade Essentials. The game was very warmly received by the players, so we decided to produce a sequel with 5 new games. So here it is - a Minis called Arcade Essentials Evolution.

As was the case with its predecessor, Arcade Essentials Evolution is a collection of 5 arcade games, remakes of the classic arcade hits of the 80s that we all know. Each game consists of 50 levels, so there is quite a lot of gameplay time here.

We made minimalistic visuals with lots of special effects, so that they would feel like we are in real arcades. To get an idea of how it looks like and plays, please check the trailer:

First game is an enhanced version of a game about asteroids. In the beginning, levels are quite easy, however as you progress further, difficulty increases and new bonuses and asteroids types start to appear.

For example, there is a bonus that allows you to fly through the planets destroying them as you move forward. There are indestructible asteroids that you cannot shoot. There are bonuses that make you fly faster and many other cool things.

In the next game called Toader, you need to cross the road safely and reach a safe zone. Once safe zone is reached, you need to jump over the floating islands into the top part of the screen. As usual, there are lots of bonuses that improve your characteristics and help you out.

In this game, you need to shoot the worm that is coming from the top of the screen. Each time you hit it - it divides into 2 parts that run in different directions. If any part of this worm comes to the bottom of the screen - that's it, it's a game over.

This game was inspired by brick-shooting games, such as Arkanoid and Breakout. The goal of this game is to destroy all the bricks across 50 levels.
And finally:

A Lunar Parking game, where you have to park your spacecraft on specially designated locations. You are challenged with gravitational forces and inhabitants of the planet that are running around.

And that's all for today. Thanks for reading this and hope you will enjoy this game!

[imglink=|Video: Nordcurrent Unveils Arcade Essentials Evolution for PSN][/imglink]
[imglink=|Video: Nordcurrent Unveils Arcade Essentials Evolution for PSN][/imglink]
[imglink=|Video: Nordcurrent Unveils Arcade Essentials Evolution for PSN][/imglink]
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