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    Video: New VidZone 2.0 Unleashes True Power of Music Video

    VidZone CEO Adrian Workman has posted up a new video today introducing VidZone 2.0, which unleashes the true power of music video on PlayStation Network.

    To quote: We have been extremely busy throughout 2011... busy listening to you, listening to our staff, listening to anyone who will give us an opinion or idea about all things VidZone.

    So, what have we been doing with all these suggestions? We have been laboriously and lovingly crafting them into what I can introduce to you today as... VidZone 2.0, a completely new way to experience the wonderful world of music video!

    What's different... where shall I start.

    Completely New User Interface

    A fresh way you use VidZone - No more small windows or page upon page of menus. VidZone has been completely revamped and rebranded with unobtrusive menus and easier navigation.

    Brand New Search

    Find exactly what you are looking for, fast - Our brand new progressive search instantly displays results of artists / videos by just typing a few letters. The more letters you type the more defined the search.


    See just what you want to see - Instead of having to sift through music videos you aren't interested in, simply enter the Zone that interests you the most and be surrounded by the music videos you like. Metalhead? Enter the MetalZone, Pop your thing? Try the PopZone... you get the gist.


    All you want in one place - Whether you have perfected your own playlist, Love one of ours or have a favourite TV Channel? Save them all to your very own zone so you can keep all that you love in one easy to find place.

    Recommendation Engine

    Continue the journey - Start with a music video you like and you will quickly see more videos by that artist, or related artists or VidZone compiled playlists and TV channels containing that artist. Keep on with your journey until you have created the perfect playlist.


    Let us do the work for you - Pick an artist you like and then let us automatically generate a playlist for you based on that artist. You can then press play to view the entire V:Mix or pick the individual music video you want from our selection.

    Social Integration

    Tell the world - Confessing your love for a music video on Facebook is simple. Tell all your friends what you are watching with a few simple clicks or invite your PSN friends to VidZone just as easily.

    VIP Zones

    Watch what the stars are watching - Your favourite artists have been on VidZone and have saved their playlists in our VIP Zone. Artists include Blink 182, LMFAO, Justice, Professor Green, Pixie Lott and more!

    We hope you like all the changes and improvements we have made - go try it out for yourself. Happy viewing!

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    Ezio Guest
    Nice update for Vidzone, I'll try it!

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Nothing big here, it's just like youtube but only with songs. Actually I prefer youtube, VidZone only has all those new songs (most of them suck) where in youtube you can get almost any song, from any country and from any year. So I can actually listen to good music.

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