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    Video: New Tekken 6 Trailer and Screens Available for PS3

    Courtesy of JoyStiq (linked above) comes some fresh Tekken 6 screens and a video for the PlayStation 3 console. To quote:

    Looking for a fight? Well, you won't find one here. You will find a pop'n fresh trailer for Tekken 6, though. Ah, and new high-res screens of the incoming PS3 and Xbox 360 fighter.

    It... looks like Tekken all right, although we're still a little underwhelmed by the visuals, especially after months of playing Namco's own Soul Calibur IV. You?

    The video and a few of the screenshots are available below, with the rest linked above. Enjoy!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    m3z Guest
    Looks awesome!! Have to get it on PS3! But sadly can't afford one yet

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    1flash Guest
    Looks like a very cool game!!!

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    Lothar240 Guest
    finally tekken on ps3 (H)

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