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    Apr 2005

    Video: New PixelJunk Sidescroller PSN Trailer and Details Arrive

    Q-Games Assistant Producer Ariel Angelotti has shared a new PixelJunk Sidescroller PSN trailer video and details today on the retro PlayStation Network title below.

    To quote: I have an important update for you. What's orange, magenta, and glowing all over? Why, it's PixelJunk sidescroller, of course!

    We've released a brand-spankin' new trailer for you. We hope it whets your appetite until you can get your PixelJunk-hungry hands on it.

    We don't have an official release date for PixelJunk sidescroller yet, but rest assured we're hard at work making it oodles of fun all the while incorporating retro goodness, love, and a little bit of cheese(?) into it.

    What treasures does this veritable pantheon of old-school gaming hold? We can't go into the details yet, but expect to get riddled in alien bullets, science fiction in-jokes, and if you're a tried and true PixelJunkie, you may even notice an Easter egg or two we've included just for you!

    Need some deep space, missile-flinging fun to tide you over until PixelJunk sidescroller is released? Hop on the PlayStation Network and download the FREE PixelJunk Shooter 2 demo today!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Ezio Guest
    Incredile, just an old glory! Exciting review a game so old.

    I played this game more than ten ages ago on my first pc (CPC6128).

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    elser1 Guest
    the cpc6128, was that an amstrad by any chance? my 1st pc was the cpc 464.. LOL mind you it was all the way back in late 1980s or very early 90s..

    yeah well to be honest i'd really expect a hell of alot more than this from a ps3 game. i won't even download this if its free for plus members, let alone buy it off psn..and the top down shooter,followed closely by side scrolling shooter, is one of my all time favourite types of games.. just wish they could advance the genre instead of this.. take galaga dx for example.. now that's kool!

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    Ezio Guest
    Yeah, it was an amstrad and about 1987 (maybe 1988). My first pc was Amstrad CPC (Colour Personal Computer) 6128 with 128 kb of ram and phosphor green monitor GT 65. Just a piece of history. Seeing this video, I relived for a second a moment of my childhood when I played with this game and I already programmed in Basic 1.0.

    Thanks to Ps3news who posted this and the people who are developing this game now for the PS3.

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