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    Video: New Massive Action Game (MAG) PS3 Trailer is Available

    Check this awesome MAG trailer posted today on the EU PlayStation blog.

    To quote: We issued a call to arms and you answered in your droves.

    Many thanks to everyone who submitted their rousing battle cries to the MAG Community Trailer competition.

    I'm happy to bring you the fruits of your efforts - the latest MAG trailer.

    Massive kudos to colingb20, Aday111, shenmue360, BioEye, playmartelli, OwNii, Dark_Jester, Bandicoot1980, MoeRonimoe and Klixx.

    Keep a close eye on your inboxes - I look forward to meeting you in the MAG beta.

    Video: New Massive Action Game (MAG) PS3 Trailer is Available

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    I love MAG, and i will be buying it for sure! I think its too bad its a 1st person shooter, but well.. making this game a 3rd person wouldnt be reliable.. it is going to be busy and 3rd person shooters are more tactical. Not that im saying you dont need tactics in 1st person shooters. :P

    I think it's sad that there won't be an open Beta in Europe, i really wanted to play it.

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