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    Video: New inFamous 2 PS3 Gameplay Video and Sreens Arrive

    Today European Product Manager Elliott Linger has shared a fresh InFamous 2 PS3 gameplay video and some screenshots, as follows:

    For those of you that haven't seen this already, check out the below brand-new gameplay footage of inFamous 2 that was first shown behind closed doors at gamescom and then last week at PAX in Seattle.

    You'll get to see one of Cole's brand new electrical powers - the Kinetic Pulse - with which he can now hurl enormous objects (i.e. cars!) around the environment, plus one of the new enemies straight from the swamps of New Marais - the nightmarish Ravager.

    Oh, and here are some new screenshots for you to enjoy. Enjoy!

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    omg i want it! this game looks sooo sick.

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    Looks great

    Freakin' sick!

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    Now how cool is that?

    Super-fast gameplay with a cinematic touch - I like it!

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