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    elser1 Guest
    i really enjoyed the run.

    fin the run in 2hr 24min 14 secs i think on easy.. (total run time) not total gameplay time... LOL

    having said that i wont be chasing the platinum trophy. i'm at 47% and probably will return the game for a refund in the next few days..

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    spunkybunny Guest
    LOL. It says my run was 02:24:36 so you just beat me by a few seconds.

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    elser1 Guest
    pwned.. LOL

    you enjoy it mate? i liked the snow bit the best.

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    spunkybunny Guest
    Well it is a good concept, but way to short. I liked it but as usual it cheats. All NFS games cheat. Like when your winning you will hit the very last poll on the track and loose. Or you will side swipe a car and nothing happens but when they tap you you spin off.
    I actually had it auto restart a few times when I was on the road just coz I went off a little bit but other times I totally went across the grass and nothing happens.

    To me it feels like a beta version. It's got huge bugs and its way to short for a NFS game. There is no way I will pay for that game. But that also goes for Shift 2 as that also sucked. Hot Pursuit sucked too. It's been a while since they've actually released a good NFS game. Probably NFS Underground or Undercover were the best but the last few games were crap. Probably coz Criterion brought it and they dont know how to make a fun car game. The Burnout series was pretty close to the worst car games ever.

    If they want NFS to be good again then get back to the roots of NFS like Underground 3. Another open world car racer. But they need to make it fun not frustrating. I rage quit about 4 times with this one... And it still only took 6 hours.

    Back to this game I think the most fun was at the start before it started cheating. I think it was about section 3 when it went bad. But thats usual for NFS games. The waterfall looked awesome and the snow was fun but the cities at the end sucked.

    The main problem I had was the glare. I couldn't see the road as there was huge lens flair or the sun was so bright all I saw was yellow. I had to wait for a poll or a tree just to see if I was on the road. As it did that for most of the game the problem was fighting with the sun more than the traffic or other racers.

    And to end this rant, if you want a small frustrating crappy car game then get this. 3/10

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    elser1 Guest
    i can see your points and some are valid,though i did enjoy it.you must have too or theres no way you would have bothered to have finished it.i must admit ive tried three time to log into online and i can't.. 3 or 4 mins later i have to do a ps button reset as it won't join..

    that's annoying.. i would have liked to see what the online is like as thats the only thing worth playing on most games these days anyways , but since i can't its auto log servers are garbage for someone to log in from australia... back to bf3.. LOL

  6. #16
    spunkybunny Guest
    Well I was playing it then noticed I was half way so I thought if it was that easy I will keep going and it was. Totally not like a NFS game when after section 4 or 5 it gets insanely hard. It feels like a Burnout game more than a NFS game but either way its still too short.

    These days they are putting more effort into online multiplayer gaming and less into single player campaign which is a shame. They expect us to pay full price for half a game. NFS was never online till recently and it was great until multiplayer turned up, well multiplayer and criterion, 2 reasons NFS games are now crap.

    The problem with multiplayer for us and less for the devs is they don't have to put anything in like AI as the other players are actual people and not the computer so less for them to do. Thats why singleplayer is getting smaller and the prices are staying high and games are getting faster to release. They should back off and stop forcing release dates and start making a good game. It looks like the next Hitman game will be good. They are taking their time and thats singleplayer only so it will be good.

    If your a campaign player like me then you will be missing out on a lot of gaming and still pay a high price for little enjoyment. Thats where games like Uncharted 3 come to the rescue. It's a great game based on the singleplayer campaign and multiplayer on the side. It's not multiplayer based so its still a good buy. Same for Assassin's Creed games and a few other Singleplayer games, except for Batman Arkham City, that was way to small and a crap story.

    About BF3 I think it should've been called Black Ops 2 as it has the same stupid story and looks the same. BF3 is just a whole heap of stolen ideas from other games. I guess they are too stupid to make their own story so they had to steal it.

    With MW3 at least its a continuation of the Modern Warfare storyline. Yea, it looks the same as its the same engine but its still at much fun as the first MW and MW2. As for multiplayer I don't play online so I cant comment but I guess it'll again be the same as all the other games. Heaps of people in the same small map shooting everyone in the back then respawn and do it again. BORING, thats why I don't play online. I like a good story thats fun thats why I also play on easy. I like to enjoy my gaming not get frustrated over it.

    I also try to finish every game I start except for the really bad ones. These days I can finish just about any game in 2 days max, well Skyrim took 3 days which is the longest game I've played probably this year.

  7. #17
    elser1 Guest
    well if you think bf3 is too small i'm only rank 47 and i'm 8500 in the world.. only 97 more ranks to get.. LOL

    and skyrim you can play for 200, 300, 500 hrs plus. you must be the best gamer around, or perhaps try games on the hardest setting or try getting all quests etc and batman was awesome. you really can't judge a game if you're not playing online as thats what fps games are all about!!

    some people are never happy!! ahhh a cod player.. that says it all!!


  8. #18
    spunkybunny Guest
    I never play online I only play the singleplayer campaign thats why I say they are too small. I prefer Battlefield Bad Company over COD any day but out of MW3 and BF3, MW3 kicksass as it is a better game.

    Batman AC I completed and it said it was only 29% so WTF? where is the rest of the game? Skyrim took 3 days to finish. Not the side missions the main mission. Oh, huge spoiler, there is no ending. After you kill the main dragon nothing happens. No movie, no nothing. lame.

    I think Skyrim looks awesome. Its a great game but they could've put an end movie when you killed the dragon or something to say you've done it. MW3 was a great game. Full of action.

    BF3 is lame as I kept having to wait for my team AI to finish the movies so I could continue the game. Multiple times my team would run past a bad guy and they wouldn't interact at all and I would have to kill them. lame

    There are many great games but none of them have been released recently. The game devs these days only care about money and not the game. Thats why they are focusing on multiplayer as its simple and no story and no AI to interact with.

  9. #19
    elser1 Guest
    well in batman thats because you have to do all the riddler hostage rooms the calender man etc etc and stop all the assualts and theres so much you've missed. sounds like you fly through a game on easy only doing main missions then say its crap.. LOL

    and bf3 thats an online game 95% even i admit on ps3 the campaign was average at best but at least i fin it unlike mw3 i took back for a refund 2 days after attending the midnight launch..

    i don't know if you buy your games or just download them but youre certainly not even getting %50 of the value out of them..

  10. #20
    HeyManHRU Guest
    I usually skip through the game finishing all the missions, and If I enjoyed it I'll try completing everything else to get a platinum trophy or at least 100% complete. Grand Theft Auto 4 for example, I could maybe finish all the missions in a couple of days, but to complete the game 100% you need to do all the side mission, get all 5 girlfriends like stats to 100%, etc. It would take a week or two, compared to me just rushing through the game to get the end credits.

    Games like BF3 and MW3 are mostly made to be played online, as much as I love playing the campaign there is no point in getting any of those games if you don't like the multiplayer modes since the campaign isn't really good compared to some other "single player" games such as Uncharted or InFamous.

    That is just my opinion though

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