Creat Studios Boston VP of Product Development Jason Benham posted up a video today announcing that Ms Germinator will be making a splash soon on PS3 and PS Vita platforms.

To quote: You know what sequels starting with the letters 'Ms.' usually mean: similar to the original, only more and even better?

Well, that's kind of the idea with Ms. Germinator too - she'll be splashing onto PS3 and PS Vita very soon with more power-ups, more modes and, well, just more style than her gnarly, gruff counterpart.

Ms. Germinator really does take her domestic cleaning to new extremes! You get to inflate and pop vast colonies of colorful germs growing on your stuff while skilfully using the new power-germs to devastating effect.

Here, the level shapes synchronize closely with the lush, cartoony backdrops. Hey, you'll actually get to disinfect your dog's bowl up close and personal, like... now, did we hit the spot or what?

There are literally hundreds of challenging levels in Campaign, Puzzle, Arcade and Duel multiplayer modes, all in serious need of disinfection. Have you got what it takes to 3-star them all? Frozen and contagious germs will muddy the waters while teleporters (yes, they've finally been invented) and circular reflectors will make your brain hurt.

Heck, we even threw in a Challenge Mode where brand new levels will be delivered regularly, free of charge, for your edification! What else would you expect from one of the most stalwart of all Playstation Network devs?

Go grab your cleaning gear folks - there's a whole world of grime out there, and we need you to obliterate each and every last one of them varmints before the rot sets in. Oh, and perchance you'll even have a bunch of fun doing it, too!

[imglink=|Video: Ms Germinator to Splash Soon on PS3 and PS Vita Platforms][/imglink]
[imglink=|Video: Ms Germinator to Splash Soon on PS3 and PS Vita Platforms][/imglink]
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