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    Video: Might And Magic: Clash of Heroes PS3 DLC Launches Today

    SCEE's Dan Vader has posted up a video trailer announcing that Might And Magic: Clash of Heroes PS3 DLC launches on PSN today.

    To quote: The new 'I Am the Boss' update for Might and Magic Clash of Heroes gives players the chance to square off against all 4 evil bosses from the single player campaigns in Quick Battle or Online Multiplayer modes.

    This is your chance to get another taste of vengeance as you take to the battlefield against Azexes, Count Carlyle, Lordess Ludmilla, and overlord Azh Rafir. But these villains aren't going to lie down and let your attacks march all over them.

    Each boss has been balanced for Multiplayer action and equipped with their own brand new and uniquely devastating Hero Spells. Watch out for Azexes' Demon Portal spell, which summons attacks from the depths of Sheogh; your skin will crawl when Lordess Ludmilla calls upon her Spider Swarm to overwhelm you; try to hold onto your lunch when Count Carlyle belches up his Bile Blast straight at you; and you better build some strong walls to defend against Azh Rafir's deadly Palm Blast spell.

    It may not be technically legal to unleash hellhounds on your boss at the office, or fire off a Pixie Blast at that manager whose been giving you a hard time, but with the I Am the Boss update available for Might and Magic Clash of Heroes, we invite you to throw everything you got at our bosses!

    For some of you, simply battling these foes may not be enough, and you won't be happy until you've felt the rush of stepping into their evil shoes (or hoofs in the case of Azexes). Lucky for you the upcoming extension allows you to embody each of the four bosses and wield their new powerful attacks in Quick Battle and Online/Offline Multiplayer modes.

    Everybody loves a good villain, and this new DLC pack for Might and Magic Clash of Heroes gives players the chance to indulge their dark side while adding a new layer of fun to an already bursting package.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    elser1 Guest
    i missed this one n got dungeon hunter alliance or some crap instead..regret it now.. LOL

    this looks awesome

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    I regret I don't have access to PSN to download all this awesome stuff.

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    elser1 Guest
    i wish you had it to so we can team up against fools ...LOL

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