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Thread: Video: Microwaving a Sony PlayStation 3 Game Console

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    Video: Microwaving a Sony PlayStation 3 Game Console

    Not sure why someone would want to do this, but for those who have always wondered what happens when you put a Sony PS3 into the microwave can now find out.

    The video comes from dovetastic, with the caption reading as follows:

    This is a Double Feature Motion Microwaving Event Presentation brought to you by dOvetastic Microwave Theater about the story of an unsuspecting PS3 Sony Playstation Three and it's Controller that got microwaved into the biggest, baddest Gaming system on the planet. So hurry and grab your front row seats because you are in a for a world premier in grand style.

    Check out the video below, courtesy of YouTube:

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    residentour Guest
    Now he can play backup iso games

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    las3rmannen Guest
    OMG some people has to much money..

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    CyanCaze Guest
    The question is, Does it still work?

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    51N15T3R Guest
    What is it with people destroying things and posting them on YouTube? Shock factor? Their parents didn't pay attention to them as a child? Oh and at the end of the video he seemed to "loose it", obviously mental problems. Probably a pyromaniac or something. Or maybe he's trying to provoke a reaction.

    Bottom line, the guy is a lunatic and these types of videos are stupid.

    (All my opinion though )

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    Scrapy Guest
    lmao.. maybe he kept failing at some game and got seriously pissed.

    the last 10seconds is funny.. gotta love the sound effects.

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    Gamer77 Guest
    wow, quite sad indeed...

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    mattdrumgod Guest
    I didn't see any part that proved the internals were still in the PS3. Who is to say he didn't take out the blu-ray drive and power supply and sell them for $250 and then microwave a YLOD motherboard in a case. Maybe it wasn't such a huge waste of money.

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    plavkic Guest

    Post tHIS MAN IS craZY

    If you like to destroy why you ever buy it PS3?

    It's hard to belive that somewhere can do something like that, if you like to share me some $, send me PM.

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    red8316 Guest
    It looked a bit neglected before he put in the microwave, like it had been outside for a few days or something. Perhaps it was a broken model he bough locally or off Ebay. And as "mattdrumgod" said, he did not show any internals. Reminds me of the dude who chainsawed his PS3 in half.

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