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    Video: Medal of Honor for PS3: High Value Target is Unveiled

    EA Community Manager Matthew Pruitt has shared a video trailer today of Medal of Honor for PS3 dubbed High Value Target.

    To quote: Here at EA, we want to make sure our PlayStation 3 fans know that we're listening.

    That's why we we've created The MOH Experience, a series of uncut and unedited single-player and multiplayer videos put together to show our audience what they can expect when Medal of Honor launches on October 12th.

    In this third installment, titled "High Value Target," we're giving you a look at Medal of Honor's multiplayer.

    The mode being played in the video is called Combat Mission. Coalition forces are tasked with clearing five consecutive objectives to win and the insurgents must stop them at any cost.

    As objectives are cleared, new areas of the map open up to reveal what the coalition must do next. The team health meter represents coalition reinforcements. If it's depleted before the current objective is cleared, the match ends and coalition forces are stopped.

    You may have also noticed the Bradley Fighting Vehicles as well. It can seat both a driver and gunner. This particular map requires that coalition forces use them strategically to break through certain points of the map and eventually achieve victory.

    Combat Mission is just one of the ways you'll step up to Tier 1 when Medal of Honor launches on October 12th, 2010 for the PS3.

    Make sure you follow us on Twitter, fan us on Facebook, and visit us at the official website for up-to-the-date Medal of Honor news and information.

    Video: Medal of Honor for PS3: High Value Target is Unveiled

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    I actually really want this game - it looks like a decent competitor to COD

    Online multi-player i'm not too bothered about but i am interested in the single player campaign, but i've got a feeling that it may ship with an update on the disc

    And i think we can all agree that not alot of people are goin to be doin that anytime soon

    Only a month to wait and see what develops!

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    there's no recoil of any kind... and looks one to one as BC2.

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    There is slight recoil but not alot because the gun is an M4 with foreward grip - by nature it is designed for that very purpose!

    The MP of MOH is dev'd by dice who also dev'd BC2's MP - that could be why.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coldfear13 View Post
    and looks one to one as BC2.
    Just another BBC2 but with a different name IMO. Looks good though

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