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Thread: Video: MAG PlayStation 3 Developer Tips: The Skill Tree

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    Video: MAG PlayStation 3 Developer Tips: The Skill Tree

    Zipper Interactive's Sr. Community Manager Jeremy Dunham has shared the fifth installment video in their MAG PlayStation 3 developer tips series today dubbed The Skill Tree.

    To quote: The weekend is almost here and we're closing our first week of Zip-Tips out with help from our resident "designer in rock," Jason Olander - better known to frequent forum visitors as BenjaminBreegg.

    Today, Jason drops the knowledge on MAG's skill tree system to teach you how to make a better character. As always, we'll begin with a prep video followed by Jason's words of wisdom:

    "Hey there, this is Jason and it's a fact that the skill tree is the heart of your character, and the place where a soldier's identity is forged.

    [viddler id=288388af&w=327&h=545]

    Specialization is the name of the game here, as becoming comfortable with a particular weapon set and support role, and then spending skill points wisely to improve upon those skills will help you become an effective combatant and squad mate. Following these few tips will help you become a force to be reckoned with out on the battlefield.

    - Choose your weapon. Rather than spend precious skill points across several weapon types, pick one and spend points to continually upgrade that category's weapon selections, attachments, and skills.
    - Choose your role. Electronics warfare? Combat medic? Field engineer? Explosives expert? MAG is all about teamwork, and a balanced squad is a good squad. Decide on your "support" role immediately, and just like when specializing with a weapon, continually spend skill points to improve that skill set rather than scattering points across disciplines.
    - Save your skill points. Just because you leveled up and have a shiny new skill point to spend, that doesn't mean you have to spend it "right now." Decide first what your next 'must have" skill is and save up for it. That new foregrip attachment for an assault rifle or the electronic sensor jammer may be worth the wait.
    - Respec early and often. Your current Respec points are shown in the "Skills" tree. When you have enough points, opting for a respec will reset all purchased skills and give you all of your earned points back to spend again; it's basically a do-over. This is a great opportunity to hone your specialty and personal play-style to a razor's edge.
    - Be prepared for an ever-changing battlefield by "packaging" new skills and equipment together as loadouts in the Armory. Use attacker and defender skill sets as a starting point, and build from there with your specialties. Packaging up gear skills into an easily selectable loadout can make all the difference when a stealthy assault on an AA Battery is called for, or when a last stand against heavy APC's can mean the difference between victory or defeat.

    In closing, the key is to maximizing the skill tree is to choose your weapon, choose your role, then work up the ranks to become effective at both, while using the respec function liberally to find that perfect combination for your play style."

    Thanks Jason, great tips. We'll be back with additional help from other Zippers next Tuesday, as we'll be off Monday for the President's Day holiday. Have a great three day weekend and we'll see you again soon.

    [imglink=|Video: MAG PlayStation 3 Developer Tips: The Skill Tree][/imglink]
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    This game is prolly the worst $60+ i've spent. The trailor makes it look good, but the game is cheap. Nothing really to it, same old. They should at least add more maps or somethin for free, for maken such a crappy game..

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    Quote Originally Posted by LiquidXed View Post
    This game is prolly the worst $60+ i've spent. The trailor makes it look good, but the game is cheap. Nothing really to it, same old. They should at least add more maps or somethin for free, for maken such a crappy game..
    I love the game. And I love being able to select certain skills or items with my points, rather than just pick a pre-defined class style.

    The most difficult part of this game is becoming familiar with the different MAP loadouts for the different game modes and such.

    The game is constantly full of action (lots of people to shoot) and the respawn rate is quick enough to keep you in the action, even if your a loser who dies all the time.

    Some of the controls are similar to the SOCOM series. As a SOCOM veteran, I can say the only weird control is the way you rotate between items and weapons. You basically have to scroll between your grenades and your healing pack which make it difficult to quickly use either one. My suggestion is to set the healing pack on the first slot, so you don't have to scroll through the grenades to use it.

    I'm playing as Raven and the 64 player suppression MAP became familiar rather easy after playing a nice batch of games. The other map modes (especially 256 players) become increasingly difficult to become familiar with. You always know where to go because of the on-screen objective indicator, but actually becoming familiar with the terrain is somewhat difficult with these larger maps.

    If you must, delete your character so you can restart and checkout the other weapon types rather than waiting for the respec points. This may be quicker and you can figure out what style your best with.

    My tip is to pick one weapon category and spend most of your points on that. Most people will probably be happy with an assault type of weapon. If you find yourself reloading in battle often or always shooting face-to-face, you might want to go with a machine gun instead.

    Sniping itself is easy to do with in this game, and the advanced skills make it even easier. The hard part is becoming familiar with all the good locations to use for sniping, which I think is difficult if you don't know the map that well.

    This is a great game. It certainly is not cheap.

    New comers may take some time to get use to the controls. Most people who hate this game are those who give up quickly after trying it, and usually do so because they are not doing very well. If you have been playing Call of Duty for a bunch of years, then you can't expect to feel as comfortable with a new control layout. It takes time to get use to shooter with different controls. That is true for any shooter.

    Also, your going to have the disadvantage if your a new player because other users already have higher levels, which means they have better guns and equipment than you. If you can last long enough to build up your character, you will stand a much better chance.

    I don't really agree with the experience/point/level system that shooters are beginning to use now. It makes me feel like I have to spend all my time leveling up like im in an MMORPG before I can actually stand a chance. But, it does make the game have a longer lasting appeal, because there is always something to work for.

    MAG is a great game, and I think anyone who gives it a try needs to spend enough time to get comfortable with the game before they pass judgment. When a game is very different from others, it takes time to become familiar with it. I still feel like I'm lost in this game and I've had it for about a week now. I still prefer the smaller/newbie modes/maps because I know them better. But, eventually I'll need to play a lot of the other modes if I want to become comfortable and familiar with them, which is important if I want to get better.

    Don't forget that you could easily become someone who lays mines and heals users primarily, and being an assault shooter secondary. It is not bad to be a supporter. In-fact, others will praise you for your help.

    This game is massive, and is based a lot on teamwork. Meet a group of people or friends that have a microphone and are on your same faction, and work together and joke with each other. It makes your experience excellent.

    There are always those who like and hate certain games, so my advice is to rent or at least try the game out. That is the best way to see if its enjoyable for you. don't pass it up based on other's opinions. That is the best way to miss out on games that you might love. There are so many games that end up not being successful because people passed it up based on poor reviews or other's opinions.

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